ABUJA- Following months of intensive consultations with the grassroot & stakeholders in the development of Ankpa, Olamaboro & Omala local government of Kogi state, the Vice President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria & Northern Nigerian Entertainment ambassador Baba Ojonugwa popularly called J.F.O has obtained his Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms to contest & represent the people of Ankpa, Olamaboro,Omala federal constituency at the House of Representatives on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (PDP).
The youthful looking leader of the Nigerian creative industry who breezed into the national Secretariat of the Social Democratic Party in Abuja unannounced and uncelebrated also met with some national leaders of the party.
On how he intends to realize his ambition especially with the incumbent who comes from the same ward and who may eventually clinch the PDP ticket by virtue of the rumoured automatic gentleman's agreement & the ruling APC candidate; Baba Ojonugwa said: ‎‎
"The SDP has a socialist ideology, service to the people comes first & democracy is about the people; democratic is not automatic, the people are the deciders.
I respect & hold  the present House of Representatives member and all other aspirants in high esteem but you and I know Ankpa deserves more than we are getting.  I am younger and a better candidate with tested global ideas to take our constituency to greater heights, my campaign slogan is THE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE and I believe if free and fair elections are held I should emerge the winner."
Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O has promised to bring new ideas and progressive thinking into legislative representation so as to take Ankpa, Olamaboro, Omala federal constituency & Igala land to the national grid of Nigerian politics.
By picking the form, even with the huge cost, J.F.O has proved that he is a force not to be taken for granted in this race with the support of all members of the creative industry in Kogi & the young mobile generation of Ankpa, Olamaboro, Omala Federal constituency, the difference has really come.

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