By Nyiter Fanen Andrew
Don't be a "Dependable Element" but an agent of development.
Every thing will remain the same if we don't change our ways, it is the right time we untire our stagnation by our very selves, by neglecting the old ways and cultivating new styles in order to embrace development.

It is high time the youth of our dear state take bold  steps to fight for what is ours that has been tired to unprogressive status, unworkable hands, deceitful beings and master propagandists. Our destiny is tired and who do we think will untired our deserved destiny for us?  We are the very people to do that.

What can we do to restore our future from the stolen hands in a safe manner? What we need to do is to take courageous steps, reject being;  enslaved, a killer for any one no matter how much,  remember if you are given a million today, tomorrow the money wouldn't be there, it will come and go but your destiny is purchased with peanut and that is how you will continue living in abject style,

Stop being a yes boy, have a rethink, is this how you are going to be used by many and dumped? Stop "follow follow", stand up to your self and say enough is enough for my backwardness,  from today henceforth, i am going to be a development agent, a change agent, a patriot of my fatherland, a solver of these problems created by these selfish and unworthy accumulators of wealth, snatchers of my destiny, our dear state stagnation forces.

By having such a rethink of your self and your environs you will definitely take a bold  step by bringing down our stargnators by making use of trust worthy hands that can fight for our destiny but not only their wealth. 

Mind you if you don't reject today's' one hundred thousand  (100,000) Naira, you are indirectly exchanging your personal salary of five hundred thousand (500,0000) Naira or more without knowing, so it is up to you to decide either to sell your future or fight for your future, choose the best not for money, not for party symbols but people who we trust and not cabal of extracted stagnators and accumulators of wealth.

Not that we don't have trust worthy people, we have but the system has been tired down to the stagnators and self enrichers, ask your self is this how my children are going to continue in this unworkable system? No! I must change this in order to better  our lives and that of the unborn generation.

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