Cracks in Benue Music Industry

 Music can be said to be limitless self expression of one's self, but in the Benue music industry it has remained an irony of total  self orgasm amongst passionate upcoming artistes. If you do not have people listening to your music I guess singing in the toilet will be more epic.

   The upcoming artistes have been exploited because of their passion. From the likes of Emmy-Tee , Smk, Slim birdie and a host of other amazing rookies like Bray billz. They are invited to shows and don't get paid for it, they produce music from their pockets and to promote these songs, they have to pay bloggers too. The question is how will they succumb to this charitable beatitude of passion ? They need motivation that can only be in flow with love and positive energy. The below par treatment of these musicians has discouraged the emergence of other exciting artistes.
   The emergence of embryonic entertainment houses is good but more under developing. Some entertainment groups function in lip service and others die the moment financing issues are raised.         This has remained a problem relegated to the core background as a result of quick results from those leading these remote entertainment groups.
   I must laud the Christian music industry in Benue for it has functioned in a more organized way. The support can be seen coming from pastors and ministers who are  lovers of music and its power to hold people in a binding force of unity. The starters here also have good opportunity because of their member status.
The way forward
   Entertainment groups should merge. The ones with little muscle of operation should join the centrifugal (big ones). This will provide the artistes better deals and  motivation from  a solid background.
  These celebrity musicians of ours(we know them) have been on hiatuses and its time to return and help. If they can't provide  sole support they can help via the entertainment groups. We need their immense support.
    Musicians in the state industry should be appreciated by their fans and listeners, because making music is as difficult as convincing a girl to dumb her boyfriend for you. It involves science of the mind and plugs of the heart.
The church should come together to produce an entertainment foundation. Be it music or movie oriented.
 The listeners and fans of the state music industry must support their artistes in every little opportunity provided. Download and listen to these songs. When some songs sound like no songs ,you can advice them and most especially avoid the hate and retard speech.
Music is too precious to be disregarded its power maybe a tad underrated but it can be found on people's lips. So let's enjoy the euphoria it assumes.

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