How Gaurav Kumar Became the Top Tech Blogger to Follow

How Gaurav Kumar became the top tech blogger to follow: eAskme
How Gaurav Kumar became the top tech blogger to follow: eAskme
Do you know, who is Gaurav Kumar and how Gaurav Kumar became the top tech blogger to follow? Gaurav Kumar, this name has changed the way how people are blogging these days. Some people know him as a blogger, and most of the world knows him as the Founder of
Today I will share an inspiring journey of Gaurav Kumar to tell you how you can also become a top tech blogger.

Who is Gaurav Kumar?

Gaurav Kumar is a professional blogger and internet marketer born in the year 1985 in Hoshiarpur (India). He has studied in GMSSS school in Chandigarh and later on graduated from Punjab University.
He has started his career in customer service. But in 2013 he has decided to change his life and started learning about blogging.
In 2014 he launched his highly popular blog

How Gaurav Become the top tech blogger to follow?

Since his childhood, he was passionate about learning and writing. His passion for education has helped him to become a blogger. The more he learned the better blogger he became.
He has started to help people learn how to use various websites and social networks including shopping sites. He also began writing about how one can start his own business, become a blogger or run a shopping website.
In 2015, the first time his earning has crossed $15,000 in one month.
He never looked back again.
This quote tells how professional and dedicated blogger he is.
His blog ranked as the best tech blog to follow in 2017 and 2018.

How he became popular?

Gaurav Kumar and his blog has featured on 150+ blogs and news publications.
UC News and Opera news Nigeria has featured is the latest post as the best post to read.

How Gaurav Make money blogging?

Gaurav Kumar has shared various articles to make money online. He has also shared that he makes money in various ways such as;
  • Contextual Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Direct Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Sponsored posts
Gaurav also makes money by helping people make money online.
He has also shared some tips with me to improve my blog such as add commenting system, social sharing widgets, etc.
His tips are helpful not only to help you to become a better blogger but also help you to grab more traffic efficiently.
There is more than you can learn about him and from him. Just ask him or ask me.

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