THE FATE OF KWANDE EAST(Turan/Ikyurav-ya) 2019

By Gbaamende Peter Ter
The true Governance and effective representation of the people should never be toiled with or treated with levity. Good representation is very difficult as personal interests are taken as topmost priority,bad representation have hence become the order of the day. Kwande East is a victim of this, growing as a child up to this very moment, there are no achievements recorded so far yet we are represented every year, contracts are awarded but what happens to all of these, they are executed in the awardees houses and personal businesses. My home which is a direct victim of this have nothing to boost of...bad roads, no power supply, no network yet we vote positively for them and we have Representatives. Maybe they fly with their vehicles to their homes during Christmas and take home some network with them in their wallet during their stay...Their Families are not in the village so they don't care but they are our representatives.. people die every day due to poor medical care..I think the problem we have is voting for political parties instead of persons. Our Mumu Done Do.this time we are voting the right person who Will have the interest of the people he represents at heart.

Comrade Jumpa Tyopase Emmanuel (KSM) is that Dependable political variable and Altruist who can take Kwande East to greater heights..he possess the qualities of a true leader. His good deeds are there to speak for him, his service to God and humanity is but a thing of high recommendation. I employ Kwande East not to make that costly mistake again
VOTE Comrade Jumpa Tyopase Emmanuel (KSM) for Kwande East state Assembly come 2019
We are voting:

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