Tha Neutral reveals why he is a Juju priest

Destined Rev. Father Turns Native Doctor

Destined Rev. Father Turns Native Doctor

Rising comedian “Tha Neutral” Revield why he picked a native doctor role as his unique comedy concept as he explained sadly but somehow in a funny way;

I was born in a Catholic Family, I remember my father telling me that he wanted one of his sons to become a catholic priest and particularly me!, then unfortunately my only 100% blood (biological) brother died in 2001 and My mother had already planed to terminate birth then, she (they) decided to add a child but it tend to be a girl so they went ahead and performed the birth termination operation leaving me alone in the family, so as the only surviving son of my immediate catholic family, i lost the chance to become a catholic priest, but I had to be a priest as I was so ambitious and determined for it, I then found another priestly role in the society and I call it “Juju Priest”(The Advance Native Doctor).

I Started the practice in the catholic church from joining the Alter servants Association, helping the priest during and after the celebration of mass.

Tha Neutral is a Unique and vibrant talented Comedian we all should be expect on the big board soon, he has done several videos (Short clips) and performs in some local shows withing Port Harcourt City gaining fame from around the starting point.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter as: @tha_neutral

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