INTERVIEW: Meet - DjFreshkid Of G12 Music

Cool weather as we bumped into "DJFreshkid" official Dj of G12 Music.
As fresh and cool as he is, our Reporter JTwarrior linked up with him and we bring to you live all that went down straight from the FCT, Nigeria.
JTwarrior: May we know you sir

Dj Freshkid: Am by name Solomon Terfa Amasen popularly known as "Djfreshkid"

JTwarrior: When did you start the journey into Deejaying
Dj Freshkid: Well it's been really long I started this hustle, since way back in my secondary school days.

JTwarrior: Wow.. So how has the journey been thus far
Dj Freshkid: Ahhhhhhhh it's not been very easy at all staying awake all nights and days just to give the people what the want
JTwarrior: Wow.. We heard you relocated, So where do you reside now

Dj Freshkid: Hmmmm relocated?? That's what several people are saying. I can't relocate am everywhere, am basically a mobile and club Dj

JTwarrior: That's interesting!! You mean where ever you are paid to play you can cover?

Dj Freshkid: Yeah as am speaking with you now i have some events ahead one in #Lugbe by #May and the other in #Cotonou by #July and am covering them all myself

JTwarrior: That's nice.. So tell us more about yourself and your hustle

Dj Freshkid: As I earlier said, am Terfa Solomon Amasen.
Was born in the family of five two girls and three boys and all of us have great love for music. once again i started my life first as a musician,wrote songs down in my jota but always afraid of visiting the studio till i finally made up my mind that i was becomeing a Dj. Met a lot of people and they all charged me at the time while my parents were not in support of the dj stuff so it was very hard for me to get cash
So one day i said let me visit a Dj have been hearing about in my area that's "Dj Inferno Adole" . I discussed everything with him told him how i have love for Dj work
JTwarrior: Wow
Dj Freshkid: Yea, He then adviced and told me that "Dj work is not his father's work so he will teach me work free", my brother thats how i started learning untill i became the boss myself and started going shows outside and around the country, that's not all, my biggest motivator in the industry is "Djkaywise" Respect to you boss "Djkaywise"
JTwarrior: That's a massive one. So what can you say is your selling point
Dj Freshkid: I'm already working with a group of young DJ's I'm grooming, major challenge is the equipment I'm needing. I also had plans to meet with companies to officially be working with them that's if I have a good management support of sounds.
JTwarrior: That sounds cool. I where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
Dj Freshkid: Lol wish you asked me next few weeks or months bro.but let me answer what you asked...owk by then we'd be a legend
JTwarrior: Amen ooo. Tell us what your selling point is, what stands you out amongst your colleagues
Dj Freshkid: My ability to play music among my other contemporaries in a very distinguish way.
JTwarrior: Let's get personal here, for your teaming fans worldwide what do you have to tell them
Dj Freshkid: Don't have much to say but they should stay strong and never forget to hustle and pray it's gone be well soon.

JTwarrior: When you dived into the industry, at first did your friends believe in you?

Dj Freshkid: Lol.... Let me laugh small.Like seriously no one ever believed in me..most of them laughed at me at first called me funny names, some even insult,like somedays back one of my mate in school add me up on facebook and i started telling him about the Dj work he thought i was joking but now is so surprise that am up to this level

JTwarrior: You have gone places really, we feeling every move you have been making, so what inspires you
Dj Freshkid: DJ kaywise is my biggest motivator, but what really inspires me is the way he plays the Dj instruments always following him upReally wishing a day to come where we work.

JTwarrior: Can you let us into your world. What is your biggest challenge

Dj Freshkid: Well it's not been easy but I thank God all the way. But right now am facing a lot of things by having sleepless night just to make sure i give my fans out there good sounds to dance to.

JTwarrior: I see.. So are you signed to any label

Dj Freshkid: Hmmmm... Am i sign to any label?? Not really am still single and searching.

Dj Freshkid: Hmmmm... Am i signed to any label?? Not really am still single and searching.
JTwarrior: JTwarrior: JTwarrior: Woa this leads us to the private life. Are you single or in a relationship

Dj Freshkid: Lol....sound funny but not really funny sha....let me say am in a Relationship.
JTwarrior:That's cool, so with all the Swag and the fame. How do you handle your female admirers
Dj Freshkid: not really easy at all but make i no talk that one here abeg.
JTwarrior: Hoping to premiere your mixtape on our platform soon. So what should your fans be expecting
Dj Freshkid: All my fans don no me before anything I drop na Banger..... but let me say the should expect nothing more than fire.
JTwarrior: Okay Djfreshkid, it's been an honor having you on our platform. Hope to see more of you this year 2019
Dj Freshkid: Yeah like seriously 2019 na my year.. I have some under ground project going... Blessings

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