TeeRoy - Are You There? (Heavenly Father)

Have you ever wondered as a child, who your mother was always talking to at night and in the morning while on her knees? Or perhaps you have had similar thoughts when your entire family had gathered together and been on their knees. 
Have you ever wondered why so much respect and reverence is always accorded to that one Supreme being who is called Heavenly Father? As a little child, did you ever pray with conviction, knowing that He is there somewhere and that He answers prayers, and felt confident that surely He will answer yours?

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Have you ever solemnly depended on Him when you really needed something and you talk to Him in anticipation that He will send a miracle, hoping that, in the end, your hopes will not be dashed? Or maybe there have been times when you did not receive the answer to your prayers that you expected and were heartbroken. Well, as a child I had many questions about the Godhead and Heavenly Father. Oftentimes I wished that He would notice that I needed His protection and promises.

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With all the day-to-day things that compete for your attention, have you ever wondered for even a moment if Heaven is just some far away place? Have you ever felt that although Heavenly Father is there, perhaps He cannot answer your prayers as the world believes? Or have you remained firm and steadfast in what you have been taught, even as a child, by your mother about your Father in Heaven - that His Spirit will always be with you and will deliver you?

Has the will to do wrong or the influences and philosophies of the world impressed upon you to lay aside and forget that you are His son or daughter sent here on earth? He will never leave you nor forsake you. He loves you so dearly that He sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, in the flesh to die for us and to save us from our sins. Because of our Savior’s great love and infinite Atonement, a way has been prepared for us to return home to the loving Father who awaits us.

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