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Guru Deseye Subai has continued to transform hundreds of lives around the world through his Desires Pathfinder Network. An internationally acclaimed leader of thought, he has always displayed uncanny wisdom through his numerous teachings on all things spiritual, social and philosophical.
Through the depth of insight expressed in his several publications which include, Catharsis: The Ancient Science of Wellbeing, Destiny and The Philosophy of Life, The Marriage Book, and the widely celebrated volume – Activating Your Personal Magnetism, many individuals have found the path towards apprehending the spiritual, mental and social lives of their desires.
His perennial television broadcast, Desires Pathfinder Broadcast, is watched by millions of viewers both within his home country, Nigeria, and all over the world. The said broadcast is also mostly available for public viewing on YouTube – Desires Pathfinder Tv.
Blessed with a gift of healing that has spanned the last 20 years, Guru Subai offers hope to scores of people across the world afflicted with grave and medically incurable ailments like HIV/AIDS, cancer, asthma, and diabetes.
His methods range from the basic to the outright unconventional.
“For there remains no religion superior to truth itself.”
While Guru Subai’s Desires Pathfinder ministry is devoid of everything religious (in the conventional sense), his philosophy evolves fundamentally from Christian reasoning; as his teachings make clearer deep thoughts expressed in the Bible which most conventional Christian clergy prefer to gloss over.
Guru Deseye Subai is a Spiritual Lifestyle Coach with proven and effective Do-It-Yourself methods that leave his students better and more productive individuals.
His exclusive Executive Masterclass sessions guide high flying executives and other individuals with grand aspirations towards realizing their life goals and desires.




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