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My brother man and sister woman, the animal kingdom, oceans and rivers, the vegetable and mineral kingdoms and all other things we see around nature are the physical manifestations of the spiritual forces behind them. For instance, the tree standing in your compound is the physical manifestation of the spiritual forces behind it. The same applies to the blood circulating in your body.  Blood is a combination of plasma and cells, which circulate through the entire body, supplying essential substances such as, oxygen sugars and hormones. Blood is not only a liquid which finds its way to all parts of the human body depositing particles of nourishment, that is the physiological aspect of it. The origin of blood is spiritual, I intend to shed light on the spiritual background of blood.
The formation of blood takes place the moment a soul manifest on planet earth in a human body to function as an independent being. It is the blood that makes it possible for the soul to come to life. It is the blood that makes it possible for you to have dealings with the outer life. Of a truth I tell you, the blood is embedded with all the necessary spiritual elements needed for the development of the soul. It is the presence of blood that makes it possible for you to experience the hidden aspects of life, and most importantly, the formulation of your individuality is made possible by the presence of blood, assisted by oxygen. The expression of; I…., I will, I can,…Will not be possible without the formulation of your individuality.
My brother man and sister woman, no doubt you’ve heard a lot about young lovers, piercing each other’s fingers, Inter-changing hands, licking each other’s blood and promising not to cheat or abandon each other forever. Of a truth I tell you, I am well aware of a young sister woman in secondary school, that took blood oath which changed her life for the worse. When it became obvious to her she is not compatible with her boyfriend, she deeply regretted everything and decided to walk away from the relationship. Her life has never been the same ever since. Most young lovers indulging in blood oath, are karmic soulmates destined to destroy themselves. My brother man and sister woman, licking of each other’s blood is tantamount to eating each other’s fresh. It is interesting to note, in the Holy Bible, we were told not to eat the flesh or else we shall be cut off. Leviticus 17:14. For it is the life of all flesh, the blood of it, is for the life. Therefore, I said unto the children of Israel you shall not eat the blood of no man’s flesh: for the life of all flesh, is the blood thereof: Whoever eateth it shall be cut off. Quite revealing, very educational, Whosoever eats the blood shall be cut off. A boy and a girl must never eat each other’s blood, if you do such a thing, you shall be cut off and your life will never be the same again.
My brother man and sister woman, your soul is above and your blood is below. Your soul is in your blood, and your blood is in your soul. Your soul is expressed in your blood. Therefore, spiritually, anyone who gains power over your blood gains power over you. Any evil power yearning to dominate you must go through the blood. Anyone who has power over a person’s blood becomes the master of that person. A person can become your puppet if you have access to the person’s blood. I am warning lovers, never to indulge in a very powerful occult practice such as licking of each other’s blood. Gradually, when the destiny or the character of the person you took blood oath with starts to unravel itself before your very eyes, you might decide to walk away from the relationship. But I regret the impossible. You cannot do that because of the blood oath you took with the person, wherever you go, your hands must go with you till you die. That is what licking of blood is all about. Lovers, please don’t start what you cannot finish. Walking away from the relationship or repentance cannot immediately severe the bond you have with someone who has eaten your blood.
he looks or behaves like his grandmother who died fifteen years ago. This is a family of lawyers. He is a lawyer, his late father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all lawyers. Mr. Kenneth is as generous as his late uncle Ben. The descendants of a family often exhibit the propensities of their ancestors. Of a truth I tell you, you are where you are today, you are standing where you are standing today, in accordance with the law of blood relationship. In your blood exist behavioral tendencies of your ancestors. Whatever your ancestors have bequeathed to you, reside in your blood. Your ancestors played a pivotal part in making you what you are today. Perhaps, you inherited the shape of your nose or the whole of your bodily features from an ancestor. Within your blood, exist ancestral tendencies and the consciousness Of the preceding generations.
Of a truth I tell you, marrying within your community, clan or tribe preserve the blood of your generation. In contrast, marrying outside your community, clan or tribe means the introduction of brand new blood into the body which will break the tribal principle. Ancestral powers which can only work through the blood of a genealogical line might cease to work effectively because of the Ad-mixture of blood. Ad-mixture of blood is the only way humanity can evolve to a higher stage of development. End moment has come.


SOURCE: Gurudeseyesubai

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