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I intend to shed light on the part played by marriage in the evolutionary process, and the spiritual forces embedded in the marriage institution. In society, it appears marriage is king. Elevation of status, pressure from family members, close associates and other materialistic benefits has compelled countless people to scheme and do myriad kind of nasty things to usher themselves before the altar. Let me put it in another way, many people sow a lot of evil seeds to get married. After the marriage, reaping moment must surely come. They want God to bless the marriage resting on a gun-powder foundation. Now that the church factor has been introduced into the marriage, the devil will be blamed for all the problems that will arise in the marriage. Prayers and counselling will be used to deal with them. Much later, husband and wife will realize the futility of retaining in the accursed and turbulent marriage and they might start contemplating divorce. Don’t forget, they wedded in the church and according to church rules, divorce is not an option. Therefore, the couples will be encouraged to try to salvage the marriage. Let me say this point blank, I am not against divorce because I know that most marriages weren’t ordained by God. Marrying someone in the church does not always mean the almighty God joined them together.I want you to bear in mind, there is one thing divorce cannot achieve and that is…
    • Divorce cannot separate compatible souls.
    • Divorce can only separate incompatible souls, that weren’t joined together by God.
    • Therefore, it is not a violation of the law of God to separate incompatible soulmates.
Why society is filled with incompatible soulmates
Society is replete with sham marriages, fake marriages, half bread is better than none marriages. False marriage is more numerous than true marriage. For tons and tons of years and perhaps, billions of years to come It will continue to remain like this. What is true marriage? true marriage is the eventual coming together of the two separate parts of the soul of a person. As you were coming into this world your soul divided itself into two parts. The so-called missing rib or my true soulmate, in reality, is referring to the separated half part of your soul reuniting with you so that your soul will become one and no longer half. It is interesting to note, the marriage institutions highly valued by human beings are not recognized nor practiced in the heavens. One of the most difficult utterances of the master Jesus pertaining to marriage is rarely mentioned in the church. I will show you.
Luke 20:34-35:  and Jesus answering said unto them, the children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:  but they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:
Quite revealing, Very educational, marriage is for brother men and sister women on planet earth. Now if you juxtapose what the master Jesus said, with what I just said, and that is, true marriage means re-uniting with the separated part of your soul. You will realize that in heaven, no specific husband or wife, was created for any human being. There is no such thing.  Of a truth I tell you, most couples are not married to their true soulmates and most singles will end up not getting married to their true soulmates. Why? you might ask? We are passing through the evolutionary process that’s why as developing souls, sad experiences encountered by us things not working out as planned, etc. are meant to quicken our spirit and accelerate the evolutionary process. Of a truth I tell you, incompatible marriage and false marriage with all their numerous disadvantages and unpalatable features is a necessity at this time. Also, karma rules the world. Karma is very active in the marriage institution. It is present in the most Infinitesimal affairs and relations of life.
Now hear this, seven years ago, Kate a final year lady in the university was so jealous of her best friend Anita, because Anita’s caring boyfriend provided all her financial needs, and much later he proposed to her. Kate located him and told him, Anita is promiscuous, therefore, she is not a marriage material. That was how Kate destroyed a lovely relationship that would have ended in marriage. Now Kate wants to settle down. She is praying for God to give her a good husband. In such a situation, karma will give her a misfit as a husband. Of a truth I tell you, countless misfit lovers who are not compatible, are brought together to live as husband and wife in order to work out past obligations and to pay karmic debts. One jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled. Most of them, might destroy themselves or seek for divorce after passing through hell or might continue to pass through hell after divorce. I want you to bear in mind, there must be a karmic reason for a brother man and a sister woman to be paired together in a false marriage. The so-called marriage is nothing but an abortive attempt at marriage. Both of them will never be happy. In society, sham marriage, false marriage, are more numerous than true marriage. A sham marriage is nothing but a poor and pathetic substitute for true marriage.
Searching for your missing half:
Most people are married, but inwardly they are still single and searching for their true soulmates. A jobless brother man cannot continue to remain in the house. He must continue to go out and search and keep searching for a job until he gets one. In the same vein, a soul cannot develop its latent potentialities and gain enlightenment If it remains permanently in the spirit world. The spirit world is a blissful and perfect place. Such an environment will only encourage stagnation, of the soul. That’s why the soul splits itself into two parts, male and female manifest itself on planet earth in a perishable human body. The male part of the soul may be in one country and the female part of the soul may be in the same country or any other country in the world. The male part of the soul may be married while the female part, of the soul may still be single or perhaps, married with four children. Now, as a human being, if you are separated from someone dear to you and you are in a place where you are not allowed to communicate with your loved one certainly, you will continue to miss your loved one until you converse or see the person. In the same vein, the male part and female part of an incarnated soul will continue to miss themselves until they re-unite and become one again. On planet earth, most people are still searching for their soulmate because subconsciously, each part holds a mental picture of past happiness when they fully resided in the spirit world. Each of them, crave to return to the old blissful condition.
Of a truth I tell you, on planet earth, if it has been decreed that a brother man, will come in contact with his true soulmate, they will certainly meet. And when they do, no force in the world can separate them. You might have heard stories of a girl from a rich family falling in love with a boy from a poor background. She was willing to get married to him but her rich parents fiercely opposed the relationship and much later, they compelled her to get married to a rich brother man. Such a thing will never happen if the poor brother man was her true soulmate. Her rich parents will never be able to separate them. I want to make clearer, most people are not Decreed to meet their true soulmate in this lifetime and they might end up in a marriage of convenience. They will end up in a sham marriage, but in the innermost being of the married sister woman, the image of her true soulmate, the image of her true love, and the image of her real husband still exist.
In summation, my brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind, sham marriage, the marriage of convenience which is a poor and pathetic substitute of true marriage will be destroyed when it has finished serving its purpose in the evolutionary scheme of things. It is only the almighty God, who knows when the destruction of sham marriage will take place on planet earth.

SOURCE: Gurudeseyesubai

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