Faith And Imagination By Guru Deseye Subai | @GuruSubai

Good evening and a thousand welcome. Tonight’s lesson is termed faith and imagination. Most people merely talk about them. Ignorance has prevented them from harnessing the spiritual powers of faith and imagination. People are more interested in having physical contacts and connections to enable them excel in life, unknown to them maybe, all physical manifestations be it success or failure must first originate from the spirit world, before it will be externalized on the material plane. My brother man and sister woman, you are a soul clothed in a perishable human body. Also, the essence of God and spiritual powers reside within you. You possess one kind of spiritual gift, and the other person possess another kind of spiritual gift. It is your human body and material problems besetting you that is beclouding and preventing you from realizing your latent potentialities. If you cannot discover that which is within you that does not mean you don’t possess it. The problem is you weren’t capable of successfully unraveling what is within you and making use of it. Indeed, ignorance is the cause of imperfection, that why most people know little or absolutely nothing about their spiritual heritage.
Of a truth I tell you, a brother man is a twofold being. He is an animal and a spirit. If a brother man is so into his material nature, then he will serve his material nature. If a brother man feels and acts like an animal, he is then an animal. On the other hand, if a brother man is so into his spiritual nature, if a brother man moves in the spirit, if he thinks and acts as a divine being should act, he is a true and complete human being. It is interesting to note many filthy human beings, whom, in reality are animals in human flesh have being caught with human heads and vital organs they forcefully removed from the bodies of human beings. Many people doing horrendous things in society, for instance suicide bombers blowing themselves up in the midst of innocent people, so that they can all die together etc. are animals in human flesh. My brother man and sister woman, you are a soul clothed in a perishable human body. It is your soul that enable you to rise above the material plane and function in the spiritual world.
My brother man and sister woman, the materialist often aver seeing is believing. Unfortunately faith, which belongs to our innermost nature is not a material object which the human eye can behold. Faith is the power of the soul and every time you have faith in divine things, the more you keep believing in divine things, the word of God etc. it simply means you are increasing your faith power. Faith denote a well-grounded belief. Faith power can be viewed as energy in motion, greater thinking and direction of energy. The energy you accumulate with your faith can set in motion superior energies which can bring about positive transformation in your life. We have being told by the master Jesus, according to your faith it will be done unto you. Of a truth I tell you, under normal circumstance, if you crave to bring about certain positive transformation in your life all that is required of you is a strong faith in the omnipotent power of God that can accomplish all that you desire through your human mind. You don’t require any ceremony or conjuration, you don’t need to wait for another person to pray for you before you can travel or go about any meaningful pursuit, because you feel that person is closer to God than you do. The power of God is always with you and all that is required of you is a strong faith in the omnipotent power of God. My brother man and sister woman as human beings, we need some sort of motivation, some sort of enhancement, some sort of push, to do something extra-ordinary. For instance in the sporting industry athletes are always under constant pressure to excel. Those of them desperate to enhance their performance level and perhaps end up with a gold medal embrace performance enhancement drugs, which can increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues, stimulate the body, conceal pain etc. I wish to call to mind one of the biggest names in cycling, Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his titles after he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, you cannot merely say I command all the witches and wizards in my family holding me hostage to leave me alone. They will not leave you alone because your words are not accompanied by spiritual powers. You truly need a performance enhancement drug and the name of that drug is faith. I want you to bear in mind.
It is faith that embolden us. Faith presents you with spiritual power and through that power, you become a spirit yourself. It is faith that embolden your spirit. Faith stimulates and elevates the power of your spirit. Nothing can be accomplished without the power of faith. Doubt weakens your spirit and disintegrate the positive energies you have accumulated. I want to make clearer the power of faith can be exercised by anybody. It has nothing to do with the religion you belong to. The power reside within you, therefore it is inconsequential whether you are a Christian or a Moslem or an atheist it will work for you. Of a truth I tell you faith is the power behind witchcraft and voodoo doll rituals. A voodoo priest might hold a consecrated doll representing Mr. Philips. He looks at the doll, with full concentration and faith in the spiritual power residing within him, he thrust a nail into the right leg of the doll and immediately Mr. Philips will feel a sharp pain and from that day onward, Mr. Philip will never be the same again. With the power of faith a sorcerer may kill or injure his enemy without going near him and his enemy cannot defend himself. Faith is the power behind witchcraft and sorcery. The power of faith can be used for good and evil purposes. I have convinced myself witches, wizards and sorcerers make use of the power of faith more than majority of prayerful individuals. Of a truth I tell you, faith is not based upon mere rehearsing of words, neither is it based upon any intellectual understanding. Faith power is based upon true spiritual understanding. Now hear this, a two storey building is on fire. Mr. Kenneth residing on the second floor refused to jump because of fear of height. He only jumped when many people on the ground encouraged him to jump. Mr. Kenneth had no faith in himself, he relied upon external help and that is the people on the ground who encouraged him to jump so that he can stay alive. But Mr. Roland, a brother man in a similar terrifying situation jumped from the two storey building before people starting clustering on the ground and nothing happened to him. Mr. Roland had faith in himself and his faith power transformed him into a spirit and he jumped and nothing happened to him. Meanwhile the former person Mr. Kenneth belong to the class of individual that rely on the encouragement and faith power of others. Do you know in society there are people that will not travel unless certain individuals pray for them? Pathetic isn’t it?  Now let me present this two storey building fire incident in another way. Another brother man, who wants to prove that he is a child of God, he is serving a living God, jumped from the two storey and he ended up breaking his legs. You might ask, why did that happen? The truth is, this brother man relied on external help. He superstitiously believed some external deity, maybe God or his mighty Angels will come to rescue him as he attempts to prove that he is a child of God. Well, there is a way that seems right to this brother man but the end thereof is breaking of his legs. I want to make clearer the faith of this brother man was artificial and not a natural one. He knew nothing about the power of the most high God residing within him. He placed his confidence on some external help and not God residing within him, plain and simple.
Of a truth I tell you, the real power of active and effective imagination does not belong to the material plane, it belongs to the invisible and innermost aspect of brother men and sister women, that’s most people know little or nothing about the power of imagination. What is imagination? Imagination means using the power of the mind to create images. Do you know why imagination is very powerful? Imagination is the tool used by the spirit residing within you that’s why it is very powerful. The spirit within you is the ultimate master and whenever it wants to act upon you, it must go through your imagination. Your imagination emanates from your desires. Your good desires gives birth to an exalted imagination and negative desires, a yearning for that which is low and vulgar gives birth to a low imagination. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, a potent faith and a powerful imagination are the two pillars you need to bring about positive transformation in your life. If you don’t combine both of them together, you cannot achieve any meaningful thing in your life.
My brother man and sister woman if your imagination and faith is strong enough, whatever you focus on, will certainly take form in your soul. You are truly what you think. If you think success, you are success. If you think war, then you will cause war. If you think good marriage, then good marriage it is. You must learn to focus on one thing at a time, if you want results. A brother man who thinks many things, scatters his power in many direction. In summation my brother man and sister woman, I want you to always bear in mind true faith in God residing within you and not an external deity has wonderful powers. Faith power will enable you realize that all brother men and sister women are spirits. Faith is a spiritual power and when combined with the power of imagination, you will accomplish whatever you may desire.

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