Karmic Presence In Sickness Pt 1

Majority of the world’s population consult medical practitioners, whenever they fall sick. Medical practitioners have prescribed drugs that slowly restored health to countless sick people and at the same time hospital wards are replete with sick patients not responding to medical therapy. Even though I know full well, medical practitioners are only interested in the physiological aspect of sickness, I still want to eulogize their achievements, their research efforts in the field of human sicknesses that has been going on for decades are worthy of praise, recognition and admiration. However, it is sad to note, most of them fail to realize the physical body is just an automaton, a casing for the invisible bodies of human beings. Disorders, arising in the invisible bodies are often externalized to the physical body, but that does not mean they originated from the physical body.
Our elder brother man Paul, told mankind the physical body is a casing for other invisible bodies. I will show you… 1 CORINTHIANS 12:12 FOR AS THE BODY IS ONE, AND HATH MANY MEMBERS, AND ALL THE MEMBERS OF THAT ONE BODY, BEING MANY ARE ONE BODY. We are the embodiment of many bodies. If a sick patient is examined spiritually, you will see that one particular disorder is residing in two or three of the invisible bodies of the sick patient. The disorder, might be found residing in the physical etheric and astral bodies of the sick patient. Perfect health and harmony, cannot be restored if any of these bodies are ignored in the healing process. Of a truth I tell you, life is all about relating what happened after many years to earlier events, which might have caused it. It is imperative, we consider the connection between events which have occurred earlier in a person’s life, and the effect of those earlier occurrences on the same person at a later time. For instance, ancestral problems in the family is behind the inability of countless people to prosper or get married. Ancestral problems, has to do with the vile activities of family members long dead. What they did in the past is currently tormenting surviving members of the family. In the same vein i want to make clearer, myriad kind of sicknesses not responding to medical therapy, never originated in the present. FOR INSTANCE, MONO GENETIC DISORDERS SUCH AS, SICKLE CELL ANEMIA, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, MULTI FACTORIAL DEFECTS SUCH AS CANCER, ARTHRITIS, HEART DISEASE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, OBESITY ETC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IMMEDIATE CAUSES. There are tons of different kinds of birth defects, ranging from minor ones to serious ones that can cause disabilities and medical doctors know nothing about their obscure origins. It is my intent desire, to shed light on the following obscure origins of sicknesses.
Let me  straightway, commence with death and rebirth. We have been told you only die once and after that, judgement. The irrepressible spiritual truth is, we die only to be reborn again into this vale of tears which is planet earth. Have you not heard stories of someone long dead and buried, assuming a new body and settling down in a state where no one knows him? And in that state, he lived for many years, got married and had children? And later he disappeared with his children because someone who knew that he died long ago saw him?
Of a truth i tell you, indescribable hidden occurrences take place in the process of dying and eventual rebirth. Understanding some of them will enable you know why certain people are born with defective internal organs, deformities and complications. You will understand why certain sick people are not responding to treatment etc. It is interesting to note, quite a number of physical events are synonymous with spiritual events. For instance, if an armed robber wanted in rivers state, is caught in Gombe state, the armed robber will be returned to rivers state to face trial. He will not face trial in Gombe state For crimes committed in rivers state. In the same vein, spiritual laws ensures that, we always continue from where we stopped. We die only to be reborn again sooner or later, to continue from where we stopped. None of us can escape it. When a person dies, the physical body is laid aside and eventually in the spirit world, the astral body is discarded  but etheric body is not completely discarded. An extract of it or perhaps i should say photocopy of the original etheric body, is set aside. Whenever a soul attempts to come back to planet earth, the photocopy Of his original etheric body that was set aside, after physical death in his previous life will be involved in the formation of the new bodies it will use to function on planet earth. The extract or photocopied version, of the etheric body, contains everything that has penetrated the etheric body of the dead person. You might ask, what are those things? All the activities, the lifestyle, feelings, true or false thinking, health, sickness or dissolute life, of the dead person.
My brother man and sister woman, must bear in mind, the tiny body of a baby and the other invisible bodies of the baby, are not brand new bodies. The etheric body, of his past life part took in the formation of his new bodies that’s why, the newly formed bodies are not brand new. His previous life etheric body, will transfer forces, intentions, tendencies, predispositions, his shortcomings, his good and bad deeds, and health status, of his past life, into the new etheric body. In summation it is between, death and rebirth. The foundation, of myriad kind of sicknesses, are often laid. This is how people are born with strong or weak constitution.
In death and rebirth speech of guru Deseye Subai, please take note of the following important points:
1: The transgressions committed by a person in a previous life don’t go away after death. They are retained in the etheric body. The dead person concerned takes it with him, and comes back with it in a new material body.
2. The etheric body is the foundation, upon which the human body is built. When a human being once more return to planet earth, his previous etheric body will hand over every information in his possession, to the new etheric body. It is like outgoing commissioner, handing over to the newly sworn in commissioner.
The coming together of all the bad activities a soul involved itself in a past life revealing itself during the period between death and a new rebirth, will become part of the powerful elements that will take part in the rebuilding of the body, the soul will function within a new earthly existence. Our evil deeds residing within us are often the hidden causes of disease. The hunter, becomes the hunted. However, aside health issues emanating from evil deeds of past life in present life, most people encourage problems of ill health through constant indulgence of emotional states of turmoil and inner discontent, they worry a lot. They indulge in astral agitation, constant worries, agitate the astral body, and negative energies emanating from the agitated astral body, will force their way into the sick parts of their body and worsen the situation. More worries, simply means, continuous irritation. This is not good, you must learn not to bother yourself all the time about your health status. A sick brother man should learn to occupy himself with positive thoughts, to facilitate his healing.
SOURCE: Gurudeseyesubai

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