Music Is Spirit Pt 1&2 By Guru Deseye Subai | @GuruSubai

My brother man and sister woman, I intend to make clearer the hidden aspects of what goes on, whenever you are listening and perhaps dancing to a particular song. Through my elaboration you will come to realize that music is spirit. I freely admit, I have received tons of emails from admirers of Desires Pathfinder urging me to talk about the presence of Satanism, of the Illuminati in the music and fashion industry. In this great lesson, I will shed light on the Illuminati, dancing and much more. Let me shed light on music. Music is indeed very powerful because it can instantly invoke certain thoughts and emotions. Music has direct access to your emotions. Uplifting music can both divert, entertain and revive you. Certain music encourages sliding into old memories and you find yourself exploring the past. Music can do all the aforesaid and much more because, it has power to attract and retain certain spirits. For instance, if the song you are listening to, is a song focusing on rage and violence, in the spirit world, a demonic spirit of anger might encapsulate you with rage. In the same vein, if you are listening to a sad song, in the spirit world, you might be surrounded by demonic spirits of depression. Love songs are very sensual therefore, it attracts spirits of lust which might cause a person to think and also dance in a seductive way. Music generates vibrations and the vibrations generated lingers long after the song has died away.
In the light of what I have said, I want to make clearer, from the spiritual point of view I know one thing and that is, music is invocation of spirits, music is spirit. That’s why most career dancers are truly controlled by certain spirits.  Demonic spirits of dance often come inside people who have made dancing their career and compel them to dance. Of a truth I tell you, if a brother man is in a dancing competition, he might be under the control of the spirit of pride and arrogance. Music is spirit, dancing is spirit and by watching certain dancing steps in reality, spiritually you are permitting demonic spirits to gain access into your innermost being and influence you to do many vile things. The truth is demonic spirits often use music and dancing to induce mortals to indulge and remain in sin. My brother man and sister woman, music is not ordinary. I wish to call to mind, we have being told the temple of God is within each of us. Spiritually, we are the embodiment of different bodies, with different vibrations and music produces waves of vibrations that affects the energies, which is waves of vibrations, surrounding the soul and invisible bodies. If you therefore listen to harmonious and religious songs, in the spirit world you are actually raising the spiritual energies surrounding you upward. It’s like the harmonious and praise song you are listening to is raising your energies upward, into the higher planes, into the heavens, and as your energies are ascending into the Heavens, in exchange you will feel an inflow of peace and joy.
In contrast, dark musical tones such as those present in most hip-pop, rap music, etc. pull your vibrations down and ensures it remains on the lower planes. And sad as it may sound, filthy and dark spiritual entities are very active on the lower astral planes. They are the dark entities behind addiction. For instance quite a number of people are addicted to night clubs, quite a number of sister women go out almost every night to sell themselves. The dark entities, on the lower astral plane have dulled their senses so much that they are willing to enslave their mind, body and spirit for a false sense of pleasure. They feel so good, going to night clubs, they feel so good indulging in prostitution. They are so into it, they are so addicted, this is how the dark entities on the lower astral plane works.  My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear the following important points in mind.
A negative, crazy rap or hip-pop song pulls your innermost being and spiritual vibrations downward the lower astral plane and keeps it there.
Now that your vibration is functioning on the lower astral plane, a filthy astral being can easily gain access into your innermost being and attach himself to you. Always listening to crazy songs simply means, you are releasing your energy downwards, and you are not getting any positive thing in return. Crazy songs drains your spiritual energy, ensures you function on a lower level spiritually, thereby making you vulnerable to filthy dark entities residing on the lower astral plane
Always listening to crazy songs simply means, your spirit will vibrate on a lower astral level, it simply means you are digging a hole around your energy center and through that hole, a filthy astral entity can gain easy access into you and turn your life upside down. In contrast listening to harmonious, inspirational songs will elevate your vibrations upwards and in return you might feel renewed, you might be rewarded with inner peace etc.
Of a truth I tell you, acrimonious music, crazy songs, often arouse feelings of anger, hatred, insanity etc. it creates an atmosphere that is attractive and seductive to filthy dark astral entities that pine to get hold of human beings and turn their lives upside down. Of a truth I tell you, the moment these filthy astral being gets hold of anyone, addiction becomes the resultant effect. In our midst exist certain vile boys who are prepared to carry out the dark and sinister things sung about and you know why? They are hostages of filthy astral beings, that’s why. It is totally impossible to prevent fun loving adults and youths from listening to eccentric and amorous songs. In the light of this, I am of the opinion. If you listen to certain songs for entertainment pleasure only, then that is fine as long as you don’t allow demons to get hold of you and induce you to do things you will regret later.  Most fun loving boys and girls often regret attending a certain party or night club because of what happened to them.
I urge you to know thyself, I know it is not easy to do the right thing always, but now that you have realized, music is spirit and dance is spirit, don’t allow demonic spirits to subjugate you through music and dance. It is much better to listen to religious songs, but if you must listen to other songs purely for entertainment pleasure only, learn to dance responsibly and don’t obey the sensual, aggressive and materialistic urges of the songs you are listening to. Always bear in mind, demonic spirits are always loitering around each and every one of us and music and dancing enable them gain easy access into our innermost being take my word seriously.
The Illuminati is a powerful recruitment agency for Satan that has being in existence for centuries. Their goal is to bamboozle and corrupt every mortal on planet earth through music.  The Illuminati are determined to corrupt the minds of adults and children, make them believe, I mean really believe life is all about having money, fame and sex and if you listen closely, this is what most majority of musicians sing about nowadays. Curiosity compelled me to calmly probe some music video belonging to the rap and hip-pop categories and I have convinced myself, Satanism exist in the music industry and musicians affiliated with the Illuminati intentionally add satanic symbols in their musical videos. A lot of these music videos  contain either references to Satanism, sex, the occult and other spiritual meanings in the form of lyrics, symbolism etc. which are usually ignored by the masses. Most of these satanic symbols are presented in musical videos using scenes that contain brief flashes or light and ark changing video frames, at times they are clearly presented but most people erroneously think they are presented purely for entertainment purposes. The Illuminati knows that a large majority of the world’s population listens to music, so through music it is possible to negatively influence and corrupt most of them. My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer, the Illuminati use quite a number of willing musicians through their music to spread violence and encourage myriad kind of evil. With music it is very easy to program majority of people in the world to do evilness. These set of musicians crave to be very famous, extremely wealthy and live a luxurious life, therefore they must play their own part by propagating the agenda of the cult. We have been told, by their fruit, you will recognize them.
My brother man and sister woman, when you see hip-pop music video replete with occult symbols which are used to channel negative energies, when you see in live concerts, people are persuaded to make special hand gestures, when you see certain musicians get their listeners to chant certain words for instance the rain-man etc. or perhaps make pronouncements such as stay under my umbrella, the world order, Illuminati want my soul, or if I do come back, do you know what my new name will be, rain-man or release me rain-man… Certain words or names are often concealed in the chorus or the catchy part of the tune etc. For instance Jay-Z, talked about being influenced by the rain-man when he creates songs, Rihanna talked about herself, the good girl being transformed into a bad girl because of the rain-man, Kanye West was so honest to have told the world, he sold his soul to the devil. For me, these are crystal clear signs of overwhelming presence of evilness in the entertainment industry. I have convinced myself quite a number of popular musicians are puppets and their own decision making abilities are extremely limited and you know why? They have handed over their soul to the devil, that’s why. Of a truth I tell you, the moment an artist sells his or her soul to the devil, their awareness of veil gradually become more subdued and what does that mean? It means they no longer feel guilty for their evil deeds, they essentially become a real human puppet and their life become scripted and fake. In fact they no longer have control right down to the way they look and act in public. Their life takes a whole new pre-defined path, take my word seriously. In the end quite a number of them will become mentally deranged, suffer from severe drug problems, die miserably etc. The fashion industry is equally not left out.
In summation my brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind in our midst exist highly placed proxies of Satan that pine to subjugate, to control the peoples of this world. They want to use satanic symbols which has been proven to influence the thoughts and behavior of lesser minded mortals and now that you know, in your innermost being, learn to reject any negative effects emanating from these satanic symbol. As you reject them, the negativity of these satanic symbols can no longer be imbibed into your subconscious mind. The moment has come. Have a glorious day.

SOURCE: Gurudeseyesubai

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