Digital Music Promotion, Distribution and Marketing Part 1

By Nyiter Fanen Andrew
Digital music distribution, promotion and marketing have taken the center stage. Digital surpassed sales of physical mediums for the first time in 2015.

In the first and second decades of the 21st century, the rise of computers as the primary means to record, distribute, store, and play music caused widespread economic changes in the music industry, fundamentally changing the relationships between artists, record companies, promoters, retail music stores, the technology industry, and consumers.

In a recent research, records show that overall statistics of digital music indicates high relevance, below is the overall statistics:
50% from digital revenues
34% from physical format sales (CDs, vinyl, cassettes)
14% from performance rights (radio, shows, etc)
2% from Synchronization revenues (movies and ad syncs)

In another research reviewed by Wikipedia, 60% (percent) of worldwide music sale's revenues come from digital music than tradional sales system, which clearly meams that no artistes or musician can succeed in music industry without the use of digital tools for music marketing such as Digital music  promotion, distribution and marketing.

The use of Social Media for Digital Music Marketing is another development that has improved sales and direct interaction between the artistes and their fans. Which in turn boost music sales.....

In recent times come the power of digital Music, physical album sales fell by 20%, while digital album sales rose by 32%. So it has become necessary for upcoming musicians and already made artistes to use digital music marketing. Take your music to digital level....

To be continued. Watch out for Digital Music Promotion, Distribution and Marketing (PDM) Part 2, 3, 4, 5, .....

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