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Good evening and a thousand welcome. Tonight’s lesson is termed sources of dreams. My brother man and sister woman, I intend to shed light on factors for production of dreams and perhaps much more. Dreams behold by us when we fall asleep emanate from
  4. THE SOUL.
Let me straightway commence with physical brain dreams. The moment you go to bed, your astral body goes out, and your soul goes out mean while your physical body is sleeping in bed. Of a truth I tell you while your souls is away, your physical body which is sleeping still retains a dim consciousness of its own. I want you to see your soul as the full current controlling your physical body, when you are awake and when you fall asleep, the dim consciousness in your physical body is the low current controlling your brain in a very weak manner. We all know the difference between full current and low current, for instance we all know how a refrigerator behaves when the current is full and when the current is low. Of a truth I tell you, now that your physical brain is being controlled by the dim consciousness in your physical body, which is a very low current, any pure physiological changes are capable of affecting your brain. For instance, irregularity in the circulation of your blood, indigestion, heat and cold etc. will definitely affect your brain. Also there is collective consciousness in the cells of our physical body. My brother man and sister woman the dim consciousness that controls your physical brain during sleep is capable of creating sufficient confusion and exaggeration. It has no power of judging or analyzing anything, it takes them just as it sees them. Your physical body, under the control of the dim consciousness in your physical body is responsible for many so-called wonderful but meaningless and useless dreams. Now hear this,  you are in Nigeria and a brother man in South Africa might be thinking of China, your physical brain can get hold of the thought of China created by someone in South Africa and immediately your own consciousness is transported to China and in your dream, you might find yourself in China. Your physical brain often gets hold of all stimuli, all motivation from within and without and immediately transform them into images, into pictorial form. It magnifies and twist things to an almost incredible degree. Imagine a situation where a poor brother man is sleeping, mean while in his dream state he finds himself in America as a rich brother man discussing with the American president, meanwhile he cannot afford two square meal a day.
My brother man and sister woman, the etheric part of our brain, in order words the spiritual aspect of your brain is extremely sensitive to influences from outside, when you are physical body is sleeping. I want to make clearer, in vast majority of human beings, the thoughts which flows through their brains, in reality never originated from them, they belong to other people. As a human being we are the embodiment of many thoughts, now let’s assume the shop of a friend of mine was engulfed by fire today, I am aware of it before I went to bed. Now that I am sleeping, the etheric or spiritual part of my brain is extremely active and sensitive to influences and thoughts from outside.  Now, any external passing thought, which is in agreement with the fire thoughts in my brain will instantly be seized by the etheric or spiritual part of my brain and thereby give birth to some really wonderful dreams. Remember I slept with the thought of the fire that engulfed my friend’s shop, now any passing thought of fire that might have occurred elsewhere let’s assume a car got burnt in Jos, will instantly be seized upon by the etheric or spiritual part of my brain, because the passing thought of fire that burnt a car in Jos, is in agreement with the thought of fire that engulfed my friend’s shop and I might start dreaming of the car that got burnt in Jos.
My brother man and sister woman astral dreams are simply recollection in your human brain what your astral body did during sleep of your physical body. Let me give you an instance of an astral dream. A brother man has been taking alcohol for a very long time, now he has decided to stop taking alcohol and for quite a while he has not being taking alcohol, but during sleep he may be dreaming that he is drinking. This is an astral dream and what does it mean? The dream should be regarded as a warning, he might eventually start drinking again, and his craving for alcohol might be re-awakened.  Although I have said quite a lot about the astral body, I want you to bear some important points in mind pertaining your astral body.
My brother man and sister woman, I presume you are becoming more and more enlightened as I talk about the four major factors responsible for dream production. By now, you have realized, your physical brain and the etheric or spiritual aspect of your brain are responsible for the production of many fantastic and meaningless dreams, also your astral body, if left uncontrolled can respond to outside influences which will certainly encourage the production of meaningless dreams. Now the moment has come to talk about soul dreams. As you are well aware every human being is a soul, clothed in a perishable human body.  However, in-order for your soul to function properly  on planet earth, it needs the assistance of other bodies, your soul needs a physical body, an astral body, a mental body etc. to enable it function effectively on planet earth. As you are well aware in a family, when daddy and mummy are around, children are checkmated, cautioned, mildly beaten or bullied etc. for their own good but the moment daddy and mummy goes out of the house, children often go out of control because daddy and mummy are not at home to checkmate and discipline them. In the same vein, the moment you go to bed, your physical body sleeping in bed, is like children left in the house, by their parents that have gone out. The moment you fall asleep, your astral body goes out of your physical body and the physical body is abandoned in bed, and your soul, which is encased in your astral body also goes out of your astral body. So you see, the moment you fall asleep, all your various bodies are disorganized, they go there various ways and when you are about to wake up, all your bodies reposition themselves again. My brother man and sister woman, the important question askes, how do you identify dreams emanating from your soul? I have talked about dreams emanating from your physical brain, the etheric past of your brain and your astral body, how do you identify dreams or visions emanating from your soul? my brother man and sister woman as you are well aware, no prisoner willingly want to remain locked in prison, in the same vein the soul of every human being craves for his temporal or permanent release from the human body however pending when the hour of death will come, on daily basis the soul attains it’s partial freedom when we fall asleep. During sleep, the bonds that unites the soul to the human body are relaxed. During sleep, the human body does not really need the soul’s presence. So for that reason, the soul goes out and travel through space and enter into more direct communication with other spirits, other souls.  I want to make clearer the soul of every mortal cannot achieve all the aforesaid. As a human being, if you are pure to a great extent, if you abstain from alcohol, smoking and other harmful substances and if you are the embodiment of pure thoughts, when your soul goes out of your physical body during sleep, your soul might enter into direct communication with other spirits and gain instructions, it might even foresee the future etc. In contrast if your human body is filthy, if you are so into alcohol, smoking and drugs and if you are the embodiment of negative, hateful, revengeful thoughts, it simply means your soul is filthy and degraded and the moment you fall asleep, your soul will enter into lower and filthy worlds. These worlds are filthier than planet earth. And in these worlds, your filthy and degraded soul will be further corrupted and contaminated. For instance, a mere physical sound could trigger the soul of a filthy person to indulge in instant dramatization, a mere physical sound could induce a filthy soul to construct a kind of drama or series of sceneries which might suddenly awaken the sleeping individual.
My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind there are actually five types of dreams. They are termed
Explanatory dreams are like solution providers. In Explanatory dreams you actually receive all the information you need to deal with certain problems you are unable to deal with as a human being. Of a truth I tell you most people its difficult to understand explanatory dreams because of the symbolism involved so they might not take the dream seriously. And for not taking the explanatory dream seriously, your explanatory dream might keep repeating itself, it might become more strange, more exaggerated, more clearer and perhaps even more terrifying until you respond positively to the knowledge or solution it is offering you.
Nightmarish dreams are usually clearly unpleasant, often violent dreams. Nightmarish dreams usually awakens the sleeping person. Of a truth I tell you, unresolved issues in your life or exceptional stress might give birth to nightmarish dreams. Nightmarish dreams should not be seen as sign of sleep disorder or indication of physiological or psychological problems. Unresolved perplexing issues in your life and immense stress often triggers nightmarish dreams.
The word recurrent is self explanatory. A recurrent dream is a particular dream that keeps repeating itself maybe once monthly, or once yearly, rather than night after night. Recurrent dream has to do with an unresolved issue, consciously you might not be thinking of the unresolved issue until something triggers your subconscious mind. Now hear this on planet earth you might have lost your room key and this incident might generate a dream about a house without doors and windows, now this dream simply means you had no way to go into your room. Now some few months or years later, you might acquire a key similar to the one you lost, few months or years ago. In the night, when you fall asleep the original dream about a house without doors and windows returns. Why you might ask? Subconsciously you still worry about the consequences of overlooking small but very important things in your life. My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, there is another type of recurrent dream. It can be best defined as a serial dream. Now hear this, for instance you might have a series of dreams about going by train to an unknown destination, in this dream, you are constantly moving but you are ignorant of your destination.  What does that mean? This dream might mean in your daily life you are bored with the kind of work you are doing and desperately you want to do something else but you have not made up your mind on the next line of work you want to embrace. Of a truth i tell you, the moment you fully make up your mind on the next line of job you will go after and establish your next line of action, the recurrent dream of going by train to an unknown destination would cease.
My brother man and sister woman, astral dreams, out of body dreams is all about using your astral body to enter into the astral world. Of a truth I tell you, true astral projection dreams are rarely symbolic, they are so vivid, and in fact you might not need anybody to interpret the dream for you. Astral dreams often occur when you are so determined maybe to access your past life or perhaps your future or maybe you want to observe your present earthly from an astral perspective. Now hear this, for instance when you think strongly about someone you haven’t seen for a long time and much later on planet earth, you later meet the person unexpectedly, of a truth I tell you, it might be that thinking strongly about the person during your waking state, projected your astral body during sleep. You might meet the person on the astral world and eventually you will meet the person unexpectedly on planet earth. In the same vein, if an individual is so determined to find an ideal partner for marriage, during sleep, the soul of that person might find a soulmate on the astral plane, this person can now be referred to as a dream lover and if the dream keep reoccurring frequently, the experience might become real on planet earth.  I am sure some of you might have gained this kind of astral dream lover experience. A sister woman might say, the brother man I met today, or the brother man who is asking me out looks exactly like the person I have being seeing in my dreams. There are many strange things, you might say, almost too strange for one to belief but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.
My brother man and sister woman, past last dreams could occur when you are so determined and focused on discovering and understanding the meaning of your present earthly existence. Also if you have a dream that is so vivid, so realistic but it appears the dream absolutely has nothing to do with your present earthly situation rather the dream appears to belong to a different era,  of a truth I tell you it might be that you are accessing your past earthly existence or existences. Past life dreams can be triggered when on planet earth, you come in physical contact with someone you have known in a past life or in present life if you physically visit places you have been to in a past life or lives. These dreams may seem very strange to you but past life dreams are never symbolic dreams, they are so real. I hope from my explanation you will know a past life dream when you come across one. End moment has come. Good night.
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