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What is Destiny?  Do you believe, I mean really believe in destiny? I am well aware, many people in the state of spiritual infancy believe human beings are in control of their lives and everything that happens to us is as a result of our own choice. And there are few people who believe Destiny refers to life situations which are beyond human control. Which category of belief do you belong? Very well, you are entitled to your opinion and I urge you to listen to all my averment pertaining destiny before making up your mind which category of belief to embrace concerning this highly controversial topic. Of a truth I tell you, our daily activities are the embodiment of willful action and destiny, let me put it in another way, our daily activities are the embodiment actions within and beyond our control.
My brother man and sister woman willful action is that portion of your life which you do have control over. Let me give you an instance. Mr. Felix is broke and the fuel in his car is on reserve. His friend promised to come to his house and advance him some money. He tried unsuccessfully several times to reach his friend on his cellphone. He became so impatient, he decided to drive down to his friend’s house. Few minutes later, he was apprehended by road safety, for cellphone use while driving, for not using his seat belt, reckless driving, and expired driver’s license. It was not fun at all. Meanwhile, his friend, he was waiting for, arrived his house few minutes after he drove off. Now, was the problem of Mr. Felix caused by willful action or was destiny behind it?  Destiny played no part in Mr. Felix’s problem. It was willful action as he could have chosen to be patient and wait for his friend. He was impatient and for being impatient, he missed his friend who came to his house with some money and now he might end up using that money to solve the road safety problem he incurred for not being patient.
My brother man and sister woman, let me give you an instance of a sad event inspired by destiny. A brother man with a well maintained car was driving on the highway. He was sober and observing all road signs, then all of a sudden, earthquake collapsed a portion of the road and accident occurred and the brother man’s car mangled. Obviously, this accident was inspired by destiny because the driver had no control over the earthquake that occurred. My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer, particularly to those of you who believe, I mean really believe human beings are in control of their lives and everything that happens to us is as a result of our own choice, I want people like you to bear in mind, Destiny is the root cause of most of our happiness and unhappiness in life. I have convinced myself 60 to 65 percent of life events are predestined, whether you believe it or not does not affect the issue. No matter how loud is the clamor of denial, good and sad events inspired by destiny shall continue to make themselves known. Every mortal is bound by his or her destiny and you can see this everywhere. I am different from you watching this program and you are equally different from everyone else. Nobody is alike, that is Destiny. My brother man and sister woman, destiny denotes unavoidable fate, it is part of every brother man and sister woman on planet. The mighty force of Destiny ensures that we encounter the life experiences that we require for our continued development. Destiny opens a doorway, series of opportunities that enable us to learn lessons that will elevate us, acquire new abilities and develop our consciousness.
“I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give to each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deeds. (Jeremiah 17:10)
Quite revealing. Did you hear?  To give to each brother man, according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds. There are close to twenty destiny passages in the Holy Bible and this is one of the very best. According to the results of his deeds, what does that mean? It means when you commence any kind of action, in reality you are giving birth to either pleasant or unpleasant fruit. It means you are sowing either good or evil seeds and eventually reaping moment must surely come.
Our elder brother man Paul told mankind, the All know God is not mocked, whatever we sow, and reaping moment must surely come. You cannot pray it away. Countless souls manifest on planet earth through good and evil wombs of sister women in order to reap the fruit of their past evil actions. God is omniscient. Pain and punishment inflicted on us is often the outcome of our sinful actions. Of a truth I tell you, destiny comes into being when we perform actions inspired by desires. The impressions of these actions accumulate and are stored in the inner senses of brother men and sister women. Most people do certain things and later they might yell out, I don’t know what came over me, I, of my own would have not done such a thing. I don’t know what took control over me etc. I want to make clearer occasionally, these stored energies in our innermost being, often comes to the mind and compel us to act in such a manner, so that we can reap what we have sowed.
My brother man and sister woman, there is mild and severe destiny. Please permit me to give enunciating details how destiny functions.
Human beings are destined to come across good and bad times.
You experience happiness or sadness according to your destiny
Destiny is behind many incurable diseases, murders, fatal accident, sudden death, drowning in the water etc. Many people are destined to die like after completing their earthly assignment.
Wealth is decided by destiny. You must definitely receive what is destined for you. No one can be an obstacle to it.
Destiny guides the intellect of a business person. Destiny is behind gain and losses.
All major events in a person’s life are destined, such as the person we marry, the family we are born to, the major illness holding a person hostage and the time of one’s death etc.
If a poor boy is adopted by a rich person, it is the destiny of the poor boy to be elevated through the rich person. This phenomena is termed destiny through the will of others. Also Destiny is behind sad events such as Mr. Leo was hit by a drunk driver and he will never be able to work again because of injury to his spinal cord or a seven year old boy is suffering from cancer and the cancer that afflicts him will not let me see his 8th birthday. Of a truth I tell you, life threatening illnesses such as cancer are invariably destined events, by destiny I mean that part of life which we have to undergo as a result of past deeds and that is pre-decided at birth. Let me put it in another way, destiny, is that portion of your life you came with to take care of in present life.  Now hear this, there is mild destiny, moderate destiny and severe destiny. For instance if the cancer is due to mild destiny, the cancer will be diagnosed at an early stage before irreversible changes sets in, let the cancer spreading to other organs etc. If the cancer is due to moderate destiny, organic changes will definitely set in and the illness will be detected at a later stage. If the cancer is due to severe destiny, the cancer is usually malignant and irreversible changes have set in and death is certain. Of a truth I tell you, a sister woman graduated with excellent grades, twenty years later, she has not been able to find a job that suits her, she is maltreated by her husband and she is passing through bout of depression and always contemplating suicide. This is a crystal clear case of severe destiny. What about cases of mortals who are idiots, people suffering from inability to communicate properly. Some people might think idiots, imbeciles etc. are inferior human beings. On the contrary they are not. Inwardly they are very intelligent. Of a truth I tell you, destiny has a hand in such cases. Idiots are incarnation of souls who are undergoing punishment. They suffer from the limitation they experience and from their inability to manifest themselves by means of organs which are undeveloped or out of order. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind many things are destined. All the blows of fate, all blows of misfortunes that are needed to help human beings purify their spirit on planet earth and that will help us to get the kind of experience necessary for our spiritual development and growth are already prepared and destined in the spirit world for each individual according to his maturity and degree of development. Of a truth I tell you, Destiny is all powerful and it is extremely difficult to evade.
My brother man and sister woman the moment has come to talk about the hidden and publicly unknown aspects of Destiny. It appears most people think some people are favored and some are not favored. Let me put it in another way,  it appear many people think wealth and abundance are gifts from God which he gives to people in whom he is well pleased and maybe he gives abject poverty to those in whom he is not well pleased. From the spiritual point of view, I want to make clearer this belief is completely wrong. The Almighty God is impartial one hundred percent, he does not have favorites like human beings and our financial status is of no concern to him. Take my word seriously. As human beings, why do we despise thieves? We don’t like thieves because they take away what they never labored for. Under normal circumstance, you cannot coerce someone to respect you. You must have to earn it. For instance you cannot force your wife to respect you, if you want her to respect you, you have to earn it, you have to work for it, by showing her care, concern, love, spending time with her, engaging in lengthy conversation to know what are problems are etc.  In the same vein my brother man and sister woman wealth is the result of good karma or merit. Wealth is the outcome of good investments a person made in previous lives and not the Almighty God bequeathing riches to his favorites and poverty to human beings he does not like. I hope it is becoming obvious to you, destiny is all about sowing and reaping. My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer, destiny is karma, plain and simple. Of a truth I tell you, the word karma is borrowed from the eastern tradition but it is so widely used that it has become incorporated in the English language. Destiny is karma and karma is sowing and reaping in the Holy Bible. The ultimate law of the universe is karma. Karma is the source, origin and fountain of all other laws which exist throughout nature. My brother man and sister woman karma is the unseen and unerring law which adjust wisely, intelligently and equitably and it ensure each of us pay to the uttermost farthing. Karma is an unfailing redresser of human injustice, a retributive law which rewards and punishes with equal impartiality.  As long as human beings violate the laws of life, there will always be evil to administer karmic consequences. Of a truth I tell you, in the implementation of the law of karma, forces of darkness are allowed to act upon those who transgress the laws of life. The law of karma is one of the main reasons why evil exists, as long as brother men and sister women continues to break the laws of life, there will always be evil to implement the karmic consequences.
My brother man and sister woman, karma popularly termed destiny manifest itself in two ways. One, the environment in which one is born and in character. Based on one’s merit or demerit, Destiny determines the circumstances into which we shall be born, determines the kind of family into which one is born and you know what that means don’t you. There are different types of families. There are rich, poor and moderate families. There are stagnant families, broken families, families with ancestral, witchcraft and water spirit problems. There are families with severe and mild spiritual problems etc. Families without love, without progress etc. and the moment a soul is born into a particular family, the soul participates in all the physical and spiritual problems of that family. Also Destiny determines the inherited dispositions of the material body with which we are born. Do you know the problems associated with functioning in a wrong body? Have you not heard of sex reassignment surgery for instance from female to male or male to female? Most people want to know why anyone would want to change gender. In our great country Nigeria, we have people battling with this kind of Destiny inflicted problem but they cannot dare talk about it openly because they know the kind of reception that awaits them, humiliation, ridicule, intimidation, harsh bullying, grace to the family etc. Of a truth I tell you, from a very early age, quite a number of people start to feel increasingly uncomfortable because they believe, I mean really believe they are born in the wrong body, they feel themselves to be a boy held hostage within a girl’s body or a girl within a boy’s body. They become aware of the gravity of the problem when they start mixing with other children and they will realize they just don’t fit in. Of a truth I tell you, I have met a brother man in his late fifties who told me, Guru I cannot continue to live a lie anymore. Since I was five years old till now, I strongly feel I should not have been a boy, I wished I had been born a girl. Every day of my life, I am praying for death to come rescue me. He told me, if he had money, he would have left Nigeria, stay abroad and indulge in sex reassignment surgery so that he can start feeling good. My brother man and sister woman, Destiny is behind such problems. Also Destiny is behind people inheriting sickly human bodies.
My brother man and sister woman, we intuitively recognize the truth that everyone has character and we often distinguish between good and bad character. As human beings we are close to few people because they exhibit fairly good character and stay aloof from quite a number of people because of repulsive character. As you are well aware, your good character is the most important asset you have, because character is what makes people believe in you, it attracts the trust and respect of people, it improves your self-esteem, self-respect and confidence, it helps you stay committed to your values and goals etc. Of a truth I tell you, your true character is revealed when no one else is looking. My brother man and sister woman, you are well aware of the traits of a brother man with bad character. He is arrogant, boastful, conniving, disrespectful, pretentious, self-centered, selfish, unreliable, obstinate, pompous, uncaring, unbending, inconsiderate etc. You know most of these things I have already said pertaining character, don’t you? Of course you do, but there is one thing most of you don’t know and that is, the greater part of destiny present themselves through the character, that’s why most people have experienced series of break-ups and they shall continue to experience it, most people possess a tragic record of disappointments, most people keep attracting hatred and resentments from fellow human beings, all their efforts to impress others amounts to nothing. They are never appreciated, people derive pleasure hurting them etc. because of their repulsive character.
Many people pine to know, can destiny be changed? Of a truth I tell you, Destiny is the ultimate factor in your life and if you ferociously fight it, we will only make matters worse in the long run. Destiny will always catch up with us and when it does, we shall always pay an extra penalty for trying to escape. As you are well aware a prisoner who gets caught attempting to break out of jail, will surely have his sentence increased. My brother man and sister woman, you can change the quality of your life, speech, thinking and behavior, but destiny change is extremely difficult. From the spiritual point of view I know that it is not always wise to attempt to change your destiny, as there is a meaning with your destiny. The best way to deal with bad destiny is to accept your fate and let it work itself out. Forcing yourself out of severe destiny will only change the outcome which is planned.  This is a hard saying, but always remember people must always be made to reap what they sow. No one can evade it.



SOURCE: Gurudeseyesubai

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