A Professor Of Oil, Gas And Energy Law Writes To Appreciate Billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko Who Used His Law Firm In The UK To Resolve His Academic Challenges Many Years Ago

Wise Prince Ajede

Favour can not be lost in transit: (Ogor Ana ne...) is an African adage, often used by the wise people of Anioma in Delta state to recall good or  kind gesture  mated out to one, by a good person. Often, it is an adage used to acknowledge a goodwill.
This thus explains the appreciation letter  herein attached, from one Prof Kato Gogo Kingston to Billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko.
According to the letter dated 17th June, the professor introduced himself as a former African student in the UK who had serious issues with his school 'Leicester University'  UK,  in the year 2000. He had a problem that almost cost him  his certification, until he met with Billionaire Ned Nwoko who agreed to assist him in pro bono (free of charge) and Ned used his good office to resolve the challenges .
According to Prof Kato, it took the free intervention of the biggest black law firm in the United kingdom then ( a firm own by the Anioma Billionaire of high philanthropic repute; Prince  Ned Nwoko) before his school suddenly rescinded their decision in his favour and apologised to him for inconveniences and afterward, his certificate was issued to him without much ado.
This is worthy of commendation folks !
Every day, Africans  in diaspora keep forwarding appreciation messages to Prince Ned Nwoko for his free contributions and assistance in upgrading their personal  lives.
Thus, this particular letter caught my attention and i decided to  share it for the reading pleasure of the public as one of the written evidences that Prince Ned Nwoko did not start his philanthropic ministry today.
Why this write up you may ask?
I have heard some folks spitting lies and raging hatred against the good gestures shown by Prince Ned Nwoko to various individuals within and outside his constituency and some haggling with the claim that his philanthropic gestures are born out of the need to secure his political life line - how untrue...
This letter has further shown that the man Prince Ned Nwoko is a good man who deserves commendations howbeit, the hate speech by some moneyed political detractors.
It is the prayer of many Nigerians and Africans whom this great man had touched their lives in one way or the other; that God should continue to uplift and keep him safe from wicked and unreasonable detractors will engage in many dirty games to rubbish a good man.
This type of gesture is also part of the reasons why we kept saying that #NedisNeeded...
Read the attached letter below:
Note: permission was granted by Prof Gogo  to share the below letter after contacting him via the phone.

SOURCE: Xclusivevibes

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