By Nyiter Fanen Andrew

In every production there are prospects and challenges so as Benue Film Industry. Benue Film Industry has been going through tough times despite numerous talents and efforts in the industry; personal individuals have taken into passion to grow and develop Benue Film Industry, but the huge problems remain lack of material and financial supports from the past to the present governments and prominent sons and daughters of the land.

Governments and people of other parts of the country or world are supporting their talents and growing them, the end result which can be seen and heard on our TVs/Radios today. Why can’t we support our talented people? Some states in Nigeria give material and financial supports to their talents through the government and individuals which has kept them at the pace of progress in the entertainment sector. 

Behind the scenes of Benue Film Industry are great people full of talents, creativity, educational prowess and passion who have been trying all their best to make sure our culture, identity and more are seen and heard. These great minds are the likes of Kenneth Iornumbe, Dooyum Manyam, Luga Saa-Aondo, Terkimbi Agirgba, DON Moppy Akpe and many others...

A look at three movies each produced by the above great minds of the Benue Film Industry: KENNETH IORNUMBE: Gborgyo, Mzua Ami, Agwanta, etc. DOOYUM MANYAM: Ka an nan Hembe?, Zegewon, Ishor Tondo, etc,. LUGA SAA-AONDO: Mbgejime, MfeShio, etc.TERKIMBI AGIRGBA: Or NEPA, Ortyom Wase, Aondo Yavenga, etc. DON MOPPY AKPE: Chaka Man Buzu, Mhide U Imborivungu, Orkera Ngu Wanye Ga etc. This is just a brief list of their productions a full list is attached at the end of this write up. 

They need material and financial supports  to enable them continue with this spirit of patriotism for Benue Film Industry in order to actually achieve the proper production, promotion and marketing processes. 

Individuals who have patronized and supported the film industry have actually tried, but only selling of Film CDs cannot keep the film industry running because of the huge capital investment, it needs extra sponsorship from government and well meaning individuals. This is simply because of the high expenditure from pre-production, production and postproduction stages of a good film as required by Nollywood, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

If the industry is supported materially and financially the industry will in turn create employment, educate the public, promote culture, generate income, create awareness, means for cinetherapy, source of inspiration, stress buster, social activator, means of entertainment, etc, 

Conclusively, I kindly urge the government and well meaning individuals to support Benue Film Industry to grow beyond the current status and create employment for the citizens as clamoured by everyone. I encourage all stake holders not to neglect the film industry because it means a lot to Benue, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, and every modern society needs such a viable sector to boost employment and revenue.

Below is a list of some producers and some of films/movies they have produced in Benue Film Industry with their efforts:

KENNETH IORNUMBE has produced: 
1. Gborgyo, 
2. Orlatarga,
3. Mzua Ami, 
4. Agwanta, 
5. Yellow cassava,
6. Aleat ka shimawan, etc,.

DOOYUM MANYAM has produced: 
1. Ka an nan Hembe?,
2. Zegewon, 
3. SaaAbum, 
4. IshorTondo, 
5. Imo Gbande, 
6. Genoviva, etc,.

LUGA SAA-AONDO has produced:
1. Mbgejime, 
2. MfeShio, 

TERKIMBI AGIRGBA has produced:
1. IkpuulChicha, 
2. BerAgbum, 
3. Or NEPA, 
4. Ortyom Wase, 
5. Aondo Yavenga, 

DON MOPPY AKPE has produced:
1. Ingyato (2009), 
2. Chaka Man Buzu (2010), 
3. Ayoetutu (2011), 
4. Mhide U Imborivungu (2011), 
5. Orkera Ngu WanyeGa (2011), 
6. Tyo Yam Tiv (2012), 
7. Shimayam (2013), 
8. WoOkough (2013), 
9. Ifan (2016) 
10. GbaAondo (2017), etc,.

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