1. He was born on 27th August 1979
2. He is a native of Akpo in Aguata L.G.A of Anambra state Nigeria.
3. His parents are of Anglican origin and his mother made the family pray morning prayer every morning by ringing a loud bell by 5am every day.
4. He studied marketing at Imo State University and graduated in 2002.
5. He became born again on 8th October during an altar call by Evang. Chidiogo Ezennaya after preaching a message titled, ‘Kindle the fire, for it is cold’
6. God called him into ministry through an hour-long vision, in which God touched his mouth, put two coals of fire in his hands and changed his garment into a royal soldier’s garment, before giving him the mandate.
7. He started a weekly fellowship one year later after putting himself through study, tutoring and mentorship at Nwannedinamba street, Owerri road, Umuahia.
8. On 14th May 2005, he met a young girl for the first time and through God’s leading, proposed marriage to her the next day and on 1st April 2006, he married her. Her name is Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.
9. On 13th May, 2007, he and his wife started the church Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries at a new land off Amaeke junction by Bende Road, Umuahia. That was the same day his first son, David was dedicated.
10. He has three biological sons. They are David, Daniel and Dominion (known as Triple DCEs)
11. He has seven other biological siblings, including an only brother.
12. He has an exceptional gift of Word of Knowledge, Word of wisdom and Prophecy that makes him see into people’s lives and tell them what will happen in the future.
13. His words always come to pass and does not fail.
14. He loves to give to widows, orphans and the less privileged. And have trained different people through school whose origins, he doesn’t know.
15. He is a passionate worshipper of God and does this, both in secret and in the open.
16. He has a habit of studying ten chapters of the Bible and praying for hours each day before he speaks with anyone, picks his phone or touch his food.
17. He is an uncontrollable giver, and has been known to help several smaller churches buy their equipments and given cars secretly to pastors to encourage their ministry work.
18. He is a man of Consecration, holiness and integrity and has been scandal free. He believes that there is a difference between weakness and wickedness. To him, weakness is a character fault and wickedness is sin.
19. He loves to play football and tennis.
20. He doesn’t allow praise and worship session in church to pass him by as he loves to dance for God.

21. He has been privileged to travel and minister in several countries within four continents out of the seven continents of the world.
22. He has covenanted with God not to closely work with females or carry them in his car when alone to avoid any appearance of evil.
23. He passionately loves his wife and spends more time with her than anyone else. She is his best friend and his sweetest memories outside encounter with God are moments spent jisting, laughing, dancing and playing with her.
24. He freely relates with people of all class and is very down to earth and loves to reach out to those who cannot give him back anything in return.
25. The mandate of Enthronement which he vendors has raised so many pastors through Enthronement Bible Institute (EBI), some which pastor his church branches and others who now pastor their own churches and ministries.
26. He likes to talk with his biological sons a lot and makes out time for them during the family-time-out.
27. He honours his mother and parents-in-law a lot by caring for them and providing for them always.
28. He is a spiritual father and mentor per excellence. He pours himself out in people and follows them up prayerfully with lots of encouragements until they excel and break through.
29. He hates four things greatly. They are sin, bareness, death and poverty.
30. He is a man of Great faith. This he exemplified when after seven years of church work in Umuahia, Abia state, He left behind the crowd, properties and honour which had come from years of labour in the land and came to Abuja just to start all over with just himself, his family and his bags.
31. He has never been under pressure to prophesy when he hasn’t received a specific word from God concerning an individual, people or nation. At such moments, he will just speak the word of God over the person and pray with faith.
32. He will never manipulate anyone to give. He believes in giving, so he will simply teach and preach the word, then trust God to touch the person’s heart to give willingly.
33. He is a teaching prophet with a strong depth and revelation in the Word of God. He teaches deep mysteries of the kingdom.
34. He, together with his beautiful wife has written over 70 books, most of which are available on amazon and other online eBook stores. He and his wife have written over 85 spiritual songs that are available online.
35. He was ordained a Bishop at the age of 35 on 24th May, 2014.
36. He founded ISOSPAL, which is The International School of Seers, Pastors and Leaders. This is an annual gathering where he teaches and mentors great men and women called by God on the principles of ministry and walk with God.
37. He is widely known for his attitude of humility. He is humble despite the evidences of God’s manifest hand upon him.
38. His message revolves around Jesus incarnated, Jesus manifested, Jesus crucified, Jesus glorified and Jesus returning.
39. He lives a very contented life and does not envy others because of what they have.
40. He is man who has been accused, betrayed and offended by many, but he has a forgiving heart and remembers he has also been forgiven by God.

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