20 Facebook & Instagram Ads Problems and Solutions

I was just chatting with a client about marketing her content when another returning client of mine gave me a call that she needed an urgent solution to solve an issue on her Instagram page, so i asked her to send me a whats-app message about what the problem is and she did. She couldn't run an advert on her page anymore, i looked into the problem and solved it for her.

She was excited and told me about how she contacted someone earlier and the person charged her about N25,000 to look into the issue. Aaaah! I only charged her N5000 and i have no regrets because the issue she was facing wasn't something very serious at all at all.

Many of you have paid such ridiculous amount of money to get your sponsored advertisements solved. And annoying thing is most of you don't know you can easily solve all these problems yourself.

That is why i bring you this 20 Sponsored Ads Problems and Solutions E-book to solve about 20 everyday problem you normally have when running an ad.

Here are the content outline:
1. Too much texts on Ads image
2. Why your Advert is disapproved
3. Facebook & Instagram Adverts showing on only Facebook or Instagram
4. Facebooks Ads payment not going
5. Instagram Ads payment not going through
6. How to cancel recurring billing on Facebook
7. Adverts not reaching enough people
8. Instagram declined ATM Card
9. Adverts get Likes and no Comments
10. How to target the right audience
11. How to connect your Facebook page to Instagram account for Adverts purpose
12. Adverts in review for too long
13. Adverts not delivering
14. Your ad accounts spending limit reached
15. Problem running adverts on your Instagram page
16. “No Permission” Instagram ads issue
17. How to add an admin on a Facebook page
18. How to load your Facebook ad account with money
19. How to change your Facebook Currency
20. How to change your active advert budget

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