Rapizo – London Boy

Rapizo hail’s from Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. He started music at the age of 12. In 2007, there was a talent hunt for the best young musicians with varying talents in Benue state.
This hunt was organized by Groove Da Mic Music Entertainment. On the day of the grand finale, Rapizo emerged best with five other young boys to form what became The G – Squad.
The G – Squad contributed in no small measure towards bringing him to the limelight. However, Rapizo saw his career beyond The G – Squad. So, he started his journey into full independence in 2008, when he produced a lot of singles and collaborations with some of his promising contemporaries.
His debut album was released in 2013 with massive hits like, “Immortal Rapizo,” “Too Far Away” and other successful singles. “Immortal Rapizo” popularly known as (Mkem Wan Dam Ke Taraku) was the biggest hit in the album; a song that increased Rapizo’s fame. “One Nigeria” was another single that did not make the album but had a positive reception.
In 2016, Rapizo released his second album titled, “We All Need Something” with hits like: “Tar Wase” “Omo Ele” “Tiv Way Back” and a host of others. “We All Need Something” has a remarkable record and is Rapizo’s highest-selling album so far.
The album sold up-to 40,000 copies exclusive of downloads and streaming. “Tar wase” which means “Our Nationality” is a strong message song and the song instantly got stuck in the hearts and on the lips of the people because of the reality and the comic drama portrayed in it.
The song preaches unity and promotes culture. It challenges youths to be more industrious rather than looking at politics as the only means of survival.
Rapizo is an independent artist who has worked hard to establish himself in the competitive music industry. His prolific musical prowess has gained him fame and respect among his colleagues. Rapizo’s style of music is quite unique; as he combines folk, Afro and R&B which gives his music an outstanding flavor.
Rapizo’s ‘London Boy’ song is a Dance Hall song and also a motivational song to every hustler out there,
‘destiny go delay but for sure e go pop’… A true-life story of him believing that he will someday travel
Download &  Listen to “Rapizo – London Boy” below:-

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