What you Need to Know About Ugo Dimkpa

UGO DIMKPA is a humble servant of God, a Public Speaker, a Social Influencer and Entrepreneur who with grace, commitment, and passion serves in one of the branches of Dominion City Church, Lagos Nigeria.
Under the guidance of Pastor David Ogbueli, Senior Pastor of Dominion City Church worldwide as a SPIRITUAL FATHER, Ugo Dimkpa began ministering humbly as a Praise and Worship leader more than a decade ago at Dominion City Port-Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.
Over the past 13 years, God has used Ugo Dimkpa to love, comfort, nurture, and care for the poor, for youths in cults and militant groups in the creeks of the Nigerian Niger-Delta region. God has anointed Ugo Dimkpa to reach directly into the lives of many and consequently, broken hearts have been healed, disoriented lives have been put right, marriages have been restored and many have been set free from prison of abuse, shame, pain, and more. “To God be the Glory"
* Can you tell us about yourself and family background?

My name is Dimkpa Ugochukwu,  am a practicing Christian from Abia State,South-east Nigeria. Married with Children. 
* How will you describe your lifestyle and Music?
 I lead a modest Christian life. My music is primarily aimed at restoring and enhancing man's relationship with God. On a secondary note, it is designed to address social ills and emphasize the place of VIRTUE in our collective discourse. 
* What makes you and your song unique?
We are both DESPERATE to honour God.
* Who / What inspired you to do music?
God's unending and unconditional MERCIES and LOVE towards me left me with a debt burden...thus the music, in His honour. 
* How long have you being doing music and how challenging has it being?
I love music and from childhood l have been at it from the Church to performing in functions, entertainment outlets etc.
* What are you working on currently?
More songs
* What will be your dream collaboration?
Hmmm., working with other believers creating music from the throne room.
* What do you have to tell the youth?
Fear God, Love God, Follow God... You will ULTIMATELY reap what you sow.
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