Ace makeup artist Awele Aina took her time to share some of her amazing story as a professional makeup artist with us, we are so sure you will love to meet our wonderful Awele Aina in person she is such a nice and loving person to be with. Awele Aina is the Artistic Director for Elise Claire Cosmetics USA Nigeria.
1. Has makeup artist been your childhood dream?
Answer: Yes, Since the age of fifteen, my passion and enthusiasm for makeup started, I was always asking my mum about makeup, what it was and what each thing does. I loved looking at magazines, I started browsing makeup sites every day on the computer and i got to know the products quite well and see many looks,  with all my passion for makeup I didn’t think it was possible to have a career in it, I just took makeup more like a hobby. I love to play with colors. I found this profession suitable for myself since it allows a lot of creativity and complements my inborn knack for fashion and glamour.
2. Where did you get your inspiration from?
Answer: I get my inspiration from so many different things: fashion, travel, history, different cultures, plants and nature.
3. If you weren’t a makeup artist, what else will you do?
Answer: I don’t know how to answer this as I have never taken my mind off being a makeup artist. My focus has been a constant for most of my life. This is what I was born to do.
4. How did you feel working with A -list artists? Were your scared, anxious or delighted
Answer: Answer: At first, It felt like a dream doing makeup on artistes I grew up to see mostly on TV only, and now sitting on my chair for me to do my magic on them before they hit the stage… words can’t express how honored I felt. To my amazement, some of them would say jokingly they won’t go on stage if Awele will not make them up. Of a truth, it’s amazing and this has strengthened my courage over time, knowing fully well how my works is appreciated even among the A-list. It’s really a dream come through.
5. What prompted you to learn photography
Answer: I never thought I would someday know how to take good professional photos, edit not to talk of retouching. One thing they say leads to something. I’ve always admired the works of some creative photographers and I’ve always wanted a collaboration, they were always ready for us to work but time was a huge barrier for us. Most time I’m on a set of music video or on a trip and for them too. I really wanted this but the timing wasnt just working for us both; because most of the date they picked was not available on my side. I said to myself I was going to learn photography so I went for it. I read lot of photography tips and tutorials and  even got myself a personal tutor.
6. How can girls achieve a look that’s both cool and parents friendly?
Answer  :You don’t have to go overboard! Try those fun colored eyeliners, but keep the line skinny and close to the lash line. Try that fun, bright lip, but do it as a pretty sheer gloss. Balance is also so important, and something that a girl is never too young to learn about. What I mean by that is, if you do a smokier, or heavier eye, do a nude lip. If you’re doing a bold lip, go for a lighter eye.
7. What are your hobbies or non work related activities?
Answer: I love cooking, I also love to take walks with my husband Mattmax and our dog Lucky. Mattmax and I love to travel and explore new places. I enjoy reading books, watching movies and I’m also a lover of wine.
8. Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?
Answer: I love that brides are going back to more color on the lip. It got to be way too nude there for a while, so I love seeing the red, pink and berry shades coming back. The one trend that I would love to see left behind for makeup across the board is the harsh contouring! Just don’t do it ladies!!
9. What are the biggest challenge makeup artist have to face?
Answer: The biggest challenge I think is that makeup artists are required to remain up to date with new trends and fashion. The beauty industry evolves on daily basis and the expertise has to be upgraded accordingly.
10. Is your Husband, Director MattMax, a supporter of your brand?
Answer : Yes he’s 100% a supporter of my brand.
11. Do your train people? And how many people have your trained over the years?
Answer: I stopped doing bridals and client makeup in 2014 because of my busy schedule being a music video makeup artist, so aside from working on set as a makeup artist what I specialize in is training people and I have trained over 10,000 students through various platforms: master class, monthly class, one on one class and brush up classes in almost every major city in Nigeria.
12. What’s your most challenging project?
Answer : I will say it’s on Music video set when they brought 20 models and expected you to do a magic in two hours before the shoot commenced
13. Do you apply makeup for special event?  Name some you have covered?
Answer: Yes, I am a special events makeup artist by profession. I have covered wedding makeup, party makeup, documentary, concert makeup, commercials, theatre performance makeup and music videos
14. What’s the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
Answer: Invest in your mind, body and soul. Shoes come and go, but your skin needs more than a yearly check-up. Invest in a good regular facial and nurture yourself with massages and quiet rest from time to time.
15. Explain to me how do I contour my face?
Answer : Contouring seems like a daunting task if you’ve never done it. The reality is it’s easier than you may think. The simplest way to understand contouring is to imagine a light over your head. The areas of the face that the light will illuminate are the highlights and the areas cast in shadows are the contours. Finding the right products is easy, and may already be in your makeup collection. Use a foundation or concealer one shade darker than your skintone or Elise Claire Cosmetics bronzer can do the trick.
16. Suppose I have 5 minutes to do my makeup, what can I do that would make  the most difference?
Answer: A little concealer under the eyes and a blush is the easiest way to look more awake and bright-eyed. Or sunglasses, blush and a bright lip always do the trick.
17. What motivated you to decide to produce your Makeup YouTube tutorial in Yoruba?
Answer: Firstly, I observed most of the makeup tutorials out there are mostly in English but occasionally in other native languages. I decided to do mine completely Yoruba language. I really hope to reach out more to Yoruba indigenous younger generations at the grassroots level and also promote the language.
You can reach her on social media @aweleaina

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