MYB also known as the NewKid has a message for Dandizzy after he blocked him on whatsapp.

It was controversies of men that made Jesus Christ leave earth to heaven earlier than expected. It's also your controversy that will make "Pitakwa" blow to the zenith.

Some persons blew away an opportunity to be part and parcel of this great project (Pitakwa), but because of how limited their sights are, they decided to back off.
It's not bad to back off, but it's absolutely disgraceful to back off and fight the progress of the project.

The last time I checked, no song is earning more recognition in Portharcourt City than Pitakwa, many blogs writing about it, and many people desiring to know about the song. how wonderful God is.

If you're yet to come on the spotlight, the best way to be known right now is to either talk about Pitakwa, or you talk against Pitakwa.
Either way, you can be heard!

One advice for you,
The River and the Forest can never be friends, because the river cannot flow without bringing down trees.

It's either you celebrate the tone, or you keep calm, or you keep blocking the originator from your reach. Else, the River will flow and bring down trees in the forest of Pitakwa nation.

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