You get time cut off my face God dey see you - Sisi Boma cries out

People can't just stay without envying on their neighbor, the presenter is doing well and you began to hate.Why??

Amadi Stacey Boma better known as Sisi Boma has reacted to the "hate" shown to her by an unknown person who cropped her image on a billboard in Port Harcourt.

Sisi Boma who was placed side-by-side with Nollywood actor, Walter Anga was cropped off by unknown person leaving only the actor on the billboard.

Port Harcourt based pigin radio Presenter in her post on the social media question how someone will too time to cut off her picture from the billboard.

According to her; "It's sad to know the amount of hate that people could have in their hearts for someone else. 

"To the extent one would leave the comfort of their home and go out to wreck havoc on someone else's work. Someone took their time to cut off my pic from this billboard and for what?

"It's been like this since last December and I told myself I wasn't gonna think about it until the company called this morning. I keep saying this, if Someone wants to be envious of the fact that I'm doing better now, let that person go back in time first and be envious of 

"My sufferings, my journey, my hard work, sleepless nights, my hunger, my sweat, my tears and under payment/free jobs, I could go on and on. Sha Go ahead and And try to bring me down, tear all the billboards down. I pity for your mental health and I'm sending Love and light

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