Comr. Tyosue Advises Gov. Ortom on Four Best Palliative Measures to Aliviate the Situation

His excellence Sir.(governor Ortom)

I write as a concerned citizen and a potential sufferer of the about to start lockdown and prohibitions just declared by you.

Sir, I publicly commend you for the timely intervention in the health challenges that have befallen the state just like every other part of the world,this has clearly score home the point of your commitment to stand by Benue people through thick and thin. Your establishment of an isolation zone at the Bsu teaching hospital , setting up of a committee to treat the affected people and curtail any further outbreak of the virus in the state and the today's announcement that additional isolation centres should be created in all the three geopolitical zones in the state is commendable.
The declaration of a curfew to checkmate the in flow of people and commodities in and outside the State,the ban on large gathering in all ramifications both political and traditional and the provision of Ambulances and medical personels at standby to quickly react to These situations.

Sir,it is only a thorough thinking governor Will put in place such proactive measures ,his Excellency sir, most of us have accepted ur today's announcement as an obituary news because we are small scale business owners who live from hand to mouth through the proceeds of our daily sales,we have no other means of income or savings apart from our Petty trading. You have directed us the bus drivers and kekenapep riders to reduce the numbers of passengers and directed us roadside photographers, shoe shiners, nail cutters , wheelbarrow pushers and Agberos to stay at home till further notice .
His Excellency sir,I keenly listened to your address on the radio anticipating a governmental parkage to palliate the situation but you did not mention.
His Excellency sir,as a concerned students stakeholder, anti-poverty activist and a Benue citizen I plead that you should please

(1)Arrange a meeting with the state hierarchy of NURTW to reduce the mount of money drivers and kekenapep riders are mandated to pay as daily returns to commensurate with today's reality
2) provide an instant payment for the entire benue families to stock food items with regards to ur declaration.
3) extend the posting of medical personels to the villages because most of the town dwellers are taking refuge in their villages.
4) quickly provide water sources in the state because we are advised to wash our hands frequently and most of the places like my village (Ikyumbur in gboko local government) have no single government borehole.

His Excellency sir,we believe in ur abilities, capabilities and prompt response to critical issues and we know your going to do same here.
I'm Comr. Tyosue Terfa Joshua

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