TeeRoy - Different People with Allie Gardner (Anticipate).

Following the recent publications about TeeRoy Tyobee the letter day saints musician about his present progress and future plans, he reviewed that he was working on a song titled Different people which he earlier did not disclosed the international artist whom he will be featuring on his song. There has been so much anticipations on who the Benue Born will be working with on his forth coming song, but just today while on a call conversation with TeeRoy he disclosed finally the American Star who will be working on his new songle with. 

Allie Gardner from  North salt lake Utah, base in Provost Utah a singer, vocal coach, and Musician who in her comment on TeeRoy's Instagram post said, "i can't wait to sing with you". There is so much expectation from the both fans hence it's the first of it's kind collaboration.  

Also TeeRoy disclosed that Different people is not just a song but a campaign which is geared at sensitization about the ills of discrimination and prejudice of any kind in our societies.

In his word's " We are all different in our ways, cultures, complexion and believes, and untill we realized the difference we will never grow better together even to achieve our purpose here on earth" he continued that Heavenly father is not rigid and he has demonstrated his dynamism in his creations which he said was perfect.  So why hate or criticise others just because they are different. 

On the day of the release TeeRoy said the work is still in progress and alot has been involved even more is still given into the project and will be out sooner than later. 

Also when asked why his choice for the collaboration,  he said, of course it was divinely inspired by the holy spirit.  

Indeed the world is too busy creating disparity and enemity instead of healing the world with a little kindness even of love.

He continued that when Jesus Christ walked the shores of this earth he mingled with the poor, rich sick,  tax collectors and even the worst at his time... indeed such is a perfect love .

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