Benue COVID-19 Update on Surveillance and Laboratory Results

A total of 27 samples collected, all results negative except the index case.


A. Ushongo (3 outings)
1. Ikov - suspected case came from Lagos- result outcome NEGATIVE

2. Ushongo town – Suspect came from Kaduna (sample – dispatching for National Reference Lab, tomorrow)

3. Movement of contact of index case to Quarantine Unit 
4. A suspected case who clinically appears to be having a cough of cardiac failure origin. Sample collected and the person moved to Lessel for Isolation 

B. Gboko (3)
1. A lady who came from Italy
2. A suspected case from Mbayion who came from Lagos
3. A suspected case at Yandev – Sample taken today and sent to NRL 
4. One pending case – sample collected awaiting result of NRL and person on isolation

A total of 3 visits, 3 samples collected, two results out negative and one pending.

C. Gwer West (1)
1. Returnee from Abuja

D. Makurdi (13)
1. A total of 13 suspected cases investigated, total of 13 samples collected, all results came out negative
2. Suspected case in IDP Abagena – Agaan: samples collected and test result is negative, though the person died

E. Konshisha (1)
1. A suspected case sample was collected, result awaited from National Reference Lab Gaduwa 

F. Otukpo (2)
1. A man and two other members of family from U.K samples collected and test result is negative

2. A retired soldier samples collected and test result is negative.

G. Okpokwu
1. Suspect who eventually died. Discovered to have had diabetes. Arrived Nigeria from Ghana in December, 2019. AUTOPSY: the suspect died while being conveyed to Abuja for medical attention and we were informed he was deposited at Gwagwalada. Following interests in autopsy, NCDC informed us that the case had stayed for more than 6hours and results will not be reliable. More importantly however, the case does not meet with case definition for COVID-19

H. Gwer East
1. A suspected case. Returnee from Lagos, samples collected and test result is negative

1. Two (2) suspected cases in Tarka, samples collected and both came out negative and persons being discharge from isolation.

We have followed up on 10 persons thus far and they came from the following countries:
1. Spain
2. Italy
3. U.K and 
4. Malaysia

25 Contacts of the index case were supervised in self isolation and were all discharged by 12th April, 2020 with the exception of one who ran away. Results negative. 

Dr. Ongbabo Elaigwu Sunday 
Hon. Commissioner for Health & Human Services/
Secretary State Action Committee on COVID-19.

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