Coronavirus Vaccine to be Tested in UK from Thursday, Government Announces

United Kingdom has said is to begin trials of Coronavirus vaccine on human beings from Thursday, Mr. Matt Hancock, health secretary said. The trial Vaccine is developed at Oxford University.

Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock speaking at the a Press Conference disclosed that government has been provided £20 million to the Oxford team to help fund their clinical trials, Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock added that £22.5 million has also be given to researchers at Imperial College London.

Prof. Sarah Gilbert, according to The Indenpent report an Oxford vaccinology professor noted that "the inoculation being developed by her team could be ready for use as early as September" the Professor added that "despite the search for an effective vaccine normally taking as long as 18 months."

According to Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock the team have started trials, it has been brilliant and is working regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock further said as at the outcome , he can amnounce that the vaccine from the Oxford project will be trialled in people from Thursday.

In a statement Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock said that the government will now invest in the Oxford or Imperial vaccine, if any of them works safely, then any of the vaccines will be made available to the United Kingdom public as soon as possible.

Health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock further advised that "Nothing about the process is certain. Vaccine development is a matter of trial and error and trial again. This is the nature of how vaccines are made".

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