Covid -19: There's Greater Need For Awareness In Rural Areas - Rev. Fr. Solomon

The Rev. Fr. Solomon Ukeyima, Tor KSS has said there is need to step up awareness creation and sensitisation campaign with view to preventing, containing and controlling the spread of the dreaded Covid-19 among the rural population.

Fr. Ukeyima, who was at the IDPs Camp Daudu, to educate them on the dreaded viral disease told reporters that there is greater danger should the virus get to the rural areas of Benue State. This, he said is in view of the carefree attitude of locals, who freely use eveything they have in common.

The Tor KSS observed that social distancing remains the greatest challenge in the fight against the pandemic, calling for need for greater awareness for the locals to take precautionary measures.

"You will notice that it was not possible to observe social distancing because not many are aware of this, even in cities. And that is exactly why we are here: To educate IDPs on safety measures and also to give them hand sanitisers.

"There is no way social distancing would have been observed. But with today's message I think the message has been passed. Am sure our visit also tells them how serious is this problem of Covid-19. It is a practical way of telling them what is expected of them," Fr. Ukeyima said.

The Reverened gentleman is concerned that not much attention has been given to the rural areas even though people have been leaving cities for the rural areas in the wake of the Covid -19 pandemic.

While describing Covid -19 as "Ukporum Ikua Me Nyôr (if you have contact with a Covid-19 positive person, you will be infected), said mankind is living in the era of "ka wea paregh kwagh u war (if you embrace preventive measures you will be safe).

"It is important we know about this disease and take measures to prevent it. This is not tuberculosis; even if it is Tuberculosis it is the one from China and not the one that we know here," Fr. Ukeyima warned.

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