By Mathias Sende

"This country, our country, is pregnant. What it will give birth to, God only knows...... Imagine!" (Ngugi Wa). It breeds my heart that my country (Nigeria) is in total shambles. Where is the hope and pride of the compatriots of this nation?

 I am robbed by my kinsmen of my freedom, peace, quality education and destiny leaving me  with: , Illiteracy, poor education, corruption, unemployment, bigotry, hunger which has culminated to theft, terrorism and banditry. "Their unscrupulous and unceremonious treatment of the  poor   Nigerians have shattered my dreams . At 35 one cannot define his destiny. I regret my Citizenship". 

Even amid COVID-19 pandemic, our leaders have resolved for  "The Holy Trinity of theft: Grabbing, Extortion and Confiscation". They say to themselves, if you find anything belonging to the masses,don't leave it behind,for if you don't look after yourself, who'll look after you" (Ngugi). Oh! What a country!.

 I weep for my nation. Who has done this to us? The philosophy of the political class "chop, I chop, pati ka interest (embezzle, I'll also embezzle,politics is interest). This has pegged me to slavery in my own fatherland. Is this the dream of our forefathers? "The labour  of our heroes past shall never be invain". But apparently, it is in invain. Is this the vision of 2020 we clamoured for? Oh! "I regret my Citizenship"

A country with no vision, governed by demagogues, inept and incompetent people, sadists, corrupt, propagandists and bigots who prey upon people's fear and prejudices. "I regrets my Citizenship". The youths are told to deny the evidence of their eyes and ears; they are sponsored to take war against another just for a peanut for survival.

It baffles me that my people seems to be complacent with our present quagmire (predicament). No one is asking questions, and the resultant effect is that, Politicians take advantage of my peoples' blindness, ignorance, inability to demand for their rights and  privileges. They feed on our sweats, live in mansions, send their children to best schools abroad with our hard work while leaving our systems in pitiable and deplorable state. Why? We don't  ask questions and neither we take action to change the state of this nation. 

Let me talk to my people, Nigeria and by extension, Africa in the words of Ngugi Wa Thiongo "Fear breeds misery" in the land. We should never fear again to demand for our rights. "We must never despair. Despair is the one sin that cannot be forgiven. It is the sin for which we would never be forgiven by the nation and generations to come . Ask questions with actions!  wisdom hidden in the heart can never  win a law suit". 

Its time! Nigerians must rise to speak out and defend our common wealth in all ramifications. We should not despair. We must put an end to the law of animalism that " all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" (George Orwell). The voice of men is the voice of God. NIGERIA MUST BE BETTER. Arise! Arise!! Arise!!! Nigerians. Else, we shall all regret our citizenship.

Anticipated part 2, 3... Soon.

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