We will win this battle President Trump assures Americans

The President of the United State of America has declared this morning in a video broadcast from the White House assuring Americans that "we will win this battle" .

President Trump stressed that with love and dedication of every American citizen "we will win this battle, we will defeat this enemy, we will rise from the present crisis with new strength, with unity and result" .

He further said that, "tremendous stories are coming out of this horrible movement, this very dark movement, but America is going to win the battle.

President Trump noted that over 182 countries are affected by this enemy, he went further to appreciate everybody, all the American citizens that they are doing a great job to help fight the battle.

He advised the Americans "let stay inside and let us get our country up as soon as we can,  he further said "things are going  faster than people think, things are going really well at the end of the tunnel".

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