Greener Entertainment Industry is officially launched as a Record label

GREENER ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is a new record label that launched in June 2020, in Lagos Nigeria Created by Prince Ezechukwu Ebuka who graduated from imo state University (imsu) and a masters in psychology

GREENER Entertainment industry is a record label and it’s created to shape and contribute to creating good music, better artists and management in the country.

Currently the label has signed artists, these artists will shape the sound of music while the label will flaunt their talent and make them a force to recon with.

The vision of the label, Greener label is like a launch pad for creative sounds and lyrics that every artist that’ll come under the label will carry this vision to the later, The label Chairman has passion for good music and the pain he’s seen on how many talented music artistes struggle to realize their full potential in the Nigerian music industry contributed to his decision to open the Record label, he has seen the untapped potential of the pool of talent that exist amongst the Nigerian youth and wants to help create new music superstars.

GREENER ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is a New Music label with a difference!!!!!
The power of entertainment

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