Suspected Political Hoodlums Hijack Ondo West Lg Chairmanship Election

Suspected Political Hoodlums Hijack Ondo West Lg Chairmanship Election

...Police, ODIEC conspire with the ruling party to Rig election — ADC

Suspected Political Hoodlums Hijack Ondo West Lg Chairmanship Election

Ondo west local government election which ought to be peaceful has been hijacked and distorted by APC thugs under the covers of Ondo police command today across various wards and units in the local government.

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People turnout in Mass to vote their candidate of choice but were sent home by hoodlums as gun shots were heard  in unit 6,7,26 of ward 7,  in some wards the APC Miscreants drove in with picnic , plate number:  to snatch  ballot boxes , no less than 50 ballots boxes were snatched as citizens could not perform their civic right today.

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One of the eye witness Mr Akin James said  election did not took place in  Ondo west local government today as members of the public sustain injuries in unit 5 and 6 ward 7 as they were chased away by hoodlums who prevented them from performing their civic right.

ADC party chairman  Pastor Adegoke Raphael Olademiji  and ADC chairmanship candidate has condemned today's activities as their party members were threatened and injured.

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African democratic Congress chairmanship candidate Dr Felix Akinola said he condemned the total election process that took place in Ondo west local government as APC hoodlums consipres with ODEIC to  snatch ballots boxes and denying people of their civic right as he  demands cancellation of the election in it totality,  as there were no free and fair election in the local government chairmanship election, he thefore called for a rerun of the election under strict supervision of the military as Policemen does not have the  right crediential to protect right of the citizenry as they have displayed siege against the will of the people today .

However, the  party chairman in a  statement released to the press in one of the polling unit said ADC completely condemns the subversive act by policemen and ODEIC who were alleged to have protect hoodlums in snatching of ballots boxes in various wards.

He therefore  called on all lovers of democracy to unite against the “brazen attack” on Nigeria’s democracy, saying such barefaced “assault is only akin to a destruction of human rights  and should not be allowed to stand”.
He said that Nigerians and Ondo residents  watched in bewilderment as police and ODEIC officials  in the company of alleged All Progressives Congress thugs, invaded polling units  in the local government unleashed violence on voters, disrupted polling processes and hauled away electoral materials.

Meanwhile, we are yet to hear from ODEIC and the police area command has they resist to grant any interview during the period of filing this report.

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