Ulochukwu Ebenezer ZL Empire State Boss releases inmate to celebrate birthday today


To celebrate his 24th birthday, Ulochukwu Ebenezer, the Chief Executive Officer and Pioneer Founder of BTCBARS GROUP OF COMPANIES with subsidiaries, ZL Empire State, a record label and entertainment company, releases inmate from Delta state, prison.

Ebenezer stated that as part of his established tradition, he had continued to sustain his initiative to sponsor the release of some prisoners with lesser crimes / minor crimes whose freedom had been stalled by their financial inability to pay for their bay fund in order for them secure their freedom.

Ebenezer ULOCHUKWU is committed to service to humankind, a strong advocate for the empowerment and advancement of the youth.

He is passionate about helping and empowering youths through innovative business and financial solutions through his numerous empowerment programs carried out with partnering NGOs

The pandemic and lockdown brought about some reality check and appreciation for freedom. With this regards, what better way to celebrate his birthday by reaching out to inmates and helping quite a few with their bail fine for those who have been granted bail with the option of fine.

The inmates were given television set and one year subscription of DSTV, slippers and disinfectants.
Also, an orientation speech on how to live life outside prison

He urged good spirited individuals and corporate organisations to bring their humanitarian gesture to bare in the life of every of the financially downtrodden in the society particularly those seeking for freedom.

You can reach him on these Handles @investorzillionz @btcbars_official
Twitter: @ulochukwue
Company ED/HRM: @evablazingreal

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