MUSIC: Halfabar - Don't Leave Me (Prod. Sing King)

Halfabar is a Nigerian - USA Based Musical Artist also know as Matthew Ezeigbo,

He is a  Sensational Music Artist, Business magnate, realtor, investor and the CEO of (Strong Eye Records) , which is a music record label that offers The upbringing of the upcoming artist to superstar in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

He was born in the USA  July 29, 1982 Into the family of Mr & Mrs Jasper and Angela Ezeigbo. He is from Umuahia, Abia State.

Early Life:
He  attended Independence Layout at  Enugu during his primary session and later moved to Army Day  for his secondary school

He also attended Paint branch High School USA, Duval high School USA, PGCC College USA

Halfabar is a goal oriented entrepreneur, songwriter & a rapper.

He sees the likes of  Jay z, and Rick Ross as his role models. He also started his career in the year 2011.

He’s on Instagram as @half_a_bar
He was earlier dropped a Hitz <img src="" alt="&#x2728;" data-goomoji="2728" data-image-whitelisted="" /> (The Finest) which is still Trending and since then he has come to stay..

Watch Out  Halfabar Taking The Entertainment Industry To Greater Height And Remember to watch Don't Leave Me Visual Below, and it was produced by Sing King <img src="" alt="&#x1f451;" data-goomoji="1f451" data-image-whitelisted="" />,

Halfabar Also Drop The Finest Official Video <img src="" alt="&#x1f3a5;" data-goomoji="1f3a5" data-image-whitelisted="" />  featuring Tonestar.

He Quoted
"What motivated me to do Music, it started as a hobby, I enjoyed doing it till friends and family started forcing me to take it serious"
<div>When the sonorous voice singer was asked to describe his style of music and his views about the music industry, he said "Music is another crude oil if we have more investors like me. Aside from the fact that I'm a versatile artiste, I'm also a music video director and I also have a record label where I invest in other talents too. Meek Mill, Jay z, and Rick Ross remain my role models." He concluded!!!</div>


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