MUSIC: Jimmy Otowo Ft. Edith Okeke x MC Brown - Spread The Gospel


The inspiration for this amazing song came to me from God the
Almighty the Creator. Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to spread the
Gospel to the four corners of the world. The Gospel should reach the
unreached for the good of the world
I'm gonna spread the Gospel,
I'm gonna spread the Gospel
I'm gonna spread the Gospel all over the world yeah x2
This is a promise I'm making to you,
I'm gonna spread the Gospel all over the world yeah,
 what would become of me without your presence,
 I'm gonna be a rolling Stone yeah,
you gave me strength to spread the message,
that's exactly what I'll do,
the time has come for the world to know you,
you're the alpha and Omega,

  The Antichrist would want to stop the spread of the Gospel,
 you alone can make the world a better place to live in
  you're the peace maker of the wide world,
you're the way the truth and the light,
 is through you we can make Heaven,
miracle of various kinds you've perform,
 and at the end you conquered death.
 Rap section then back to chorus and fade

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