Entrepreneur, Linus Williams Ifejika Sues EFCC Enugu To Court - Demands 10million naira in compensation


A few months ago, Renowned Bitcoin Lord, Linus Williams Ifejika was arrested by the EFCC but was later released not too long after. For Linus, the arrest was unwarranted and without base causing him to voice out and take it out on the Enugu Division of the EFCC.

Speaking on the whole scenario, Linus shared, ‘ As of 4am on the 31st of August some EFCC officials broke into my house. I was so scared they were criminals as they broke in and I asked for search warrant but they didn’t provide anything. One of the officers slapped me when I kept asking and they later took my cars and laptops. Myself and brothers were detained that day and next day we went to the forensics which nothing incriminating was found in my phones and laptops. After which I was detained for 10 days before I was later released. Out of my three cars they gave me one and held back two cars and till now that refused the let me have it.’

He has further noted to the EFCC through his lawyers stating his Fundamental Human Rights was deprived and a Character Defamation ensued from his arrest. This has risen the cause for his demand of 10 Million Naira in compensation.

Trying to reach his team of lawyers led by L.O Ugwunna ESQ, KC Umeokafor ESQ and VIC Okeke ESQ proved abortive as they declined commenting on the matter claiming they cannot comment on the matter because its already in court but they believe Justice will be served.


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