Meet Mc Kross - The Most Sort After MC North Central



A beautiful day it is!!! Our correspondent caught up with super star MC Kross and he took us into his world.. Sit back relax and enjoy the chit-chat
JT: Good day MC Kross, May we know you sir
Mc Kross: My name is Kyuen, Godwin Aondohemba ...they call me Mc Kross my anticidents has brought about d slogan "The Microphone Ojuju"
JT: You have become a household name in middle belt, tell us how the journey began
Mc Kross: Why he took to the profession of Master of Ceremonies

While in the University, Mc Kross was the institution's Director of Socials. His social life made him participate so much in show bizz i.e organizing social events where he mostly got hold of the microphone himself. He was so skilled in handling events and that made so many people contract him to handle birthdays parties, weddings, launches of different categories.
Mc Kross has starred in 2 Nollywood movies ( Street boys in campus & the rain is here) with the likes Junior Pope & Jim Lawson. Mc Kross did elementary rap music  but has taken focus to be centered on Mastering of events...according he picks more delight in handling proceedings.
JT: With the pandemic, how do you cope with events in these periods
Mc Kross: The covid era has indeed destabilized a lot of things   & the entertainment world has never been an exception ...though being exceptionally good at what you do makes everything easier. Even underground the people will definitely excavate u because of course the wanna hear & see u go behind the microphone
JT: How was the journey like, when you started
Mc Kross: Of course everyone begins from the scratch as a novice 😀...its not been easy but the summary is grace, hard word & readiness to learn every second of my life made it a bit easier but that is certainly because raw talents was involved
JT: How do you cope with your ever growing fan base
Mc Kross: My fans have been an amazing aspect of my career... there is no special motivation aside them, the  ovation & encouraging words from them takes me to heaven & I stand tall to improve & give back to them the right & humours  proceedings of whatever events
JT: You have been in showbiz since your university days, how were you able to combine both school and showbiz

Mc Kross: Hard work, dedication & love for the both...I mean studies & showbiz. It wasn't easy but the bottom line is grace! Grace kept Mc Kross on the pipeline
JT: I watched you in a couple of movies years back, what's the difference between been an MC and been in Nollywood
Mc Kross: Entertainment has been an integral part of me from infant hood. Its been time demanding but sacrifice & passion always makes it easier bro.😀
JT: What's been the worst day for you at an event

Mc Kross: There have been challenges in every positive move.
For me they have been countless as well...situations of bending authentic programs for selfish  reasons & rendering a professional sometimes handicap on the grounds of impressing an organizer instead of the audience. Lack of love for entertainment on a general note from the part of the country where I am  from sometimes kills energy & positive vibes. That's some of the sets backs I can place my hands on @the moment but we have been persuasive for for progress sake
JT: What would you say is your selling point
Mc Kross: Humility & readiness to work!
JT: We've seen people who started in the business but couldn't evolve as the business is moving further, how do you keep up with the trends to stay relevant
Mc Kross: Of course d revolving nature of the game has made a lot of things so tasking but...for me as a person hard work, readiness to learn & grace has made me equal to to task
JT: Wrapping the year 2020, what should your fans be expecting in 2021
Mc Kross: 2020 had its ups & downs ranging from the  gloomy covid yet we harvested big shows but certainly & most definitely 2021 will be a bomber harvest. The game will be so enhanced
JT: The brand Mc Kross has become a household name in the Benue entertainment industry, what is the magic
Mc Kross: Like I'll always say Jah has been the plug coupled with hard work & determination
JT: Amazing, we've seen the never say never spirit in your hustle, what would you say is your motivation
Mc Kross: Personal charisma, that's game & the physical one is my adorable wife & son...impressing them motivates me like mad
JT: Wow that's beautiful... Talking about family, can you tell us a word or two about them
Mc Kross: I gat the most adorable & fabulous family in the everyone might claim, my family is an integral part of me without which I am incomplete.
And like every bread winner & head of the family waking up to see them grow keeps me on my toes & ready to hustle my hustle u know what am saying
JT: That's very true, we are in an Era where most parents don't support their children in entertainment, what would you do, if your child delves into entertainment
Mc Kross: For my son,the only child I gat now he is a born star as his name literally implies Lushan.
I'll give him all the necessary support he desires as a modern & a digital pop
JT: Impressive!!,, A word of advice to up and coming Mcs looking up to you sir
Mc Kross:The secret of becoming an amazing Mc is simply humility, from scratch money shouldn't be the Paramount thing...every event counts because every event sells you on the game.
Smartness & good looks is a salt to the stew. Then be a continuous researcher on the line of hustle.
When u put all this into consideration the sky will most definitely be your starting point
JT: And to your teaming fans worldwide, any words for us!
Mc Kross: I love u guys to the moon, with every breath of my life.
The assurance  i have for you/them is I'll keep pressing the right buttons in order to be on the right track
JT: What an awesome time out with you, we appreciate all the time.. Before you leave sir.. Any word for the media houses?

Mc Kross: To all the media platforms; u guys are doing absolutely great! Keep doing the amazing job...more grease to your elbows

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