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Over the years the entertainment industry has recorded great achievements, improvements and expansion. The boom, the glamour, the fame and the paparazzi is one that everyone wishes for, hence the strive to be a part of Nollywood for many youths. It has also been noticed that 50% of actors/actresses do not have a successful financial plan for their future/retirement. Like we are aware of many that needed money to treat chronic and life battling diseases but the funds and support was not there. But there is a good news for #NollywoodWe introduce to you the future of Africa’s Cryptocurrency: – HaggleX:HaggleX is a multi-currency blockchain-based exchange that offers secure global cryptocurrency peer to peer trading, lending and borrowing (DeFi) environment. The Cryptocurrency platform enables users to exchange crypto assets on its trading platform, pay for bills, and stake crypto currencies. It also offers a unique decentralized voting system which can be used by different institutions to carry out a transparent electoral process using its smart contract technology. With your purchase of HAG Cryptocurrency you have automatically joined the pathway to financial freedom/multiple streams of income! It’s best to buy early before it goes up. Certainly Bitcoin has thought many to start early. HaggleX emerged at the right time in Nigeria; in a dying economy where naira has lost it’s value, where the economy of a nation is unstable, where inflation is on the high rise; but thanks to Hagglex, the solution to financial struggles and money palava. 1 HAG equals $1 and the least you can buy is 50 HAG ($50 & above). Erase procrastination and start today.HaggleX is one of the first African crypto projects that is built with core financial services as its aims to make many richer financially. In an economy where naira has fallen, it’s now time to earn in Dollars, Pounds sterling, Euro, Canadian dollar and more. Make a switch to more financial fulfillment by buying Hagglex as you automatically plunge yourself into the Cryptocurrency world. It’s better to start early.

Here is the link to purchase HAGGLEX Cryptocurrency:

Also download the app on Google play store

Feel free to ask questions on their website/whatsapp/social media page, as they respond immediately to your questions.

WIN A CAR WITH HAGGLEX RAFFLE DRAWWith a minimum of 50 HAG, you stand a chance to win a car. All you have to do is signup with the link provided and purchase a minimum of 50 HAG Cryptocurrency to qualify for the raffle draw.

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WhatsApp +2348063974334 for more info.






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