INTERVIEW: Ybits show Winner - ITK


We caught up with the latest Ybits show Winner and we had a chit-chat: excerpts below;

Good day, it's an honor having the winner at the Ybits Show ...


JT: May we know you please

MC ITK: Am MC ITK aka dimpled comedian


JT: How does it feel emerging winner at the recently held funny enough Ybits show

MC ITK: I feel very happy am super excited I lack words to express how I feel

JT: Before the event, what motivated you to participate in the contest

MC ITK: My primary motivation was the hardship my family is passing through many lacks I feel bitten each time I look at mom face sitting and think so I think if I engage in the contest and win it will make her laugh and feel a little relieved why by the grace of God I came and I won and she is very proud of me
I have plans of being like or even more than Akpororo in future so I see this as a great opportunity for me I believe the platform will take me places so I didn't wasted time registering the contest immediately I saw the advert

JT: Wow, so your mum supports you in this dream?

MC ITK: Very much my dad wants me to be a footballer but my mom wants me to be a comedian she loves comedy and akpororo was her favorite but now am her favorite she just love his style of comedy and the way he praise God as my mom saw that am good in comedy she was very happy always pray for me allow me to go for any comedy show i get confirmed whether day or night

JT: That's great... So what was her reaction after you won the contest

MC ITK: She was at the show when they called me the winner she shouted ran to the stage and hugged me she made everyone emotional she was very happy shed tears of joy like I previously say she is very proud of me no kind of prayer she never pray for me ooo

JT: This is so emotional....
Moving over to your career.. Where do you see yourself in the next 3-4 years from now


MC ITK: I see myself being the celebrity I ever dream and wanted to be I see myself performing at AY Live stage anchoring weddings of hundreds of thousands and millions hosting my own show Mc ITK Vs Mc ITK Smack Down Laughter and it been a hit in Nigeria at large because I came with much energy and am not stopping or won't ever stop and I always back it up with prayers and winning this contest just prove to me that God is answering my prayers I just thank God for this platform

JT: Be rest assured anytime you call on us we will be here to support courtesy Ybits

MC ITK: Waw thank you very much sir

JT: How long have you been doing comedy

MC ITK: I came into comedy fully towards the ending of 2019 at November there of that was when I met MC unique he invites me to shows church programs and weddings for me to learn how to anchor (MC) an event professionally that was how I also became a professional MC

JT: Would you say, you doing comedy has impacted lives positively so far

MC ITK: I will say a very big yes to that not going too far in my family I have seen the positive impact it has impacted to us and I normally do my comedy minding my the words I use so if someone should hear it he or she will know this boy is a Christian I would call me myself a gospel comedian if at all there is a word like that I have cracked jokes in some churches and some people say to me they love my words there are funny and touching

JT: How did you manage to pull up in a pandemic

MC ITK: It was not really I got engaged in other work I work with diamond carpet as a salesman we sale carpets and rugs which am paid a monthly salary

JT: Your story is of humble beginnings, what do you have to say to people with talent struggling to have a platform

MC ITK: My word for them is that they should not give up no matter what and they should work very hard and pray this two words  works very well in search and hustle for a platform like this hard work and prayers i has been helping me and believe it can work also in any life

JT: What would you say makes you different or makes you stand out from especially the other contestants at the Ybits show


MC ITK: If I say is hard work and prayers maybe all of them also worked hard and pray also let me just say is Good concept as in good jokes I take my time to arrange jokes I make sure they are very good and funny that if my audience hears it they will want more

JT: What would you say is your selling point?

MC ITK: Let me say when I crack jokes about myself my looks the dimples all that people enjoys that aspect of the jokes very much and another is my voice they people won't stop commenting on my voice they say i talk very slow someone even called me slow motion that they love the voice it goes with my jokes I guess the voice is a very important point

JT: The very first time you performed, how was the feeling

MC ITK: I was very scared of the crowd but I just have to do it since is what I wanted to do I did it and the people laugh and it encourage me to continue although the jokes I cracked there was not my personal jokes they where akpororo jokes

JT: Wow, when was the time you started cracking your own jokes


MC ITK: 2020 that was when I started feeling like a comedian and believe I can make it and also represent any brand state or country


JT: Amazing talent you are.. When did you discover you had this..

MC ITK: In 2019 I started listening to comedy and I see myself correcting some jokes and telling myself this joke will nbe more funny if this person say it this other way so I felt I can also do it so I go into it

JT: 2021 will be bigger and better for you, what change are you bringing to the entertainment world with your uniqueness


MC ITK: Much changes because I also aim at spreading the gospel through comedy


JT: Great, what is your source of motivation when writing your comedy


MC ITK: My audience I think about them mostly when writing jokes because I want to give them the best and I also think of my mom because I want to make her proud through it


JT: Doors will surely open.. As the winner funny enough at Ybits show.. Expectations are high.. How do you cope with the pressure


MC ITK: I always have this voice in me that tells me u can make it so it time I feel frightened the voice sounds within me u can make it so I move on and believe I can make it


JT: Great. What's the major event you have been on so far


MC ITK: Is the ybits show!!

JT: What would you say is your best moment on stage

MC ITK: My best moment on stage is when I crack a joke as in through a punch line and the audience are laughing and shouting it gives me much joy seeing them laugh

JT: What then could be said to be your worst moment in showbiz so far

MC ITK: My worst moment was at a friends show I cracked jokes there and the crowd didn't laugh at all voice where coming from the crowd like do and leave the stage u no funny after that performance I felt very bad but I just encouraged myself and moved on

JT: Some days are like that, Do you have a word or two for those looking up to you

MC ITK: Yeah my word is I will make them all proud give them the best of MC ITK and those that love my comedy style and what do like me should just work hard,pray and be obedient to those higher than them in the industry

JT: Any words for media houses


MC ITK: I will always come up with positive things that will impact the society and big ups to every media house supporting my brand


JT: The Ybits Show has opened doors for so many people, and we all pray that bigger doors will open for you

MC ITK: Amen sir

JT: Any last words for your teaming fans


MC ITK: My words to my fans out is that I appreciate there support greatly I love them all they should just keep on supporting me and praying fot me I will keep on making them proud God bless them all they no go suffer because they wish me good

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