Who is Hakar Boyw


Hakar Bowy whose real names are Austine Iheanacho was born into the family of Mr and Mrs. Justice Iheanacho in the year 2000, a indigene of the Ndi Igbo whose known as one of most famous tribe in Nigeria. 

Background Info

Real name: Austine Justice Iheanacho

Stage name: Hakar Bowy

State of origin: Abia State

Tribe: Igbo

Genre: Afro

Record label: Onowu Muxik

Education Background

Hakar Bowy attended St. Paula catholic school in Lagos where he obtained his SSCE certificate but later dropped out as an undergraduate. He is looking forward in becoming a graduate after a successful story in the music industry. 


Just like any young adult in Nigeria, the run crooner has a no stress lifestyle and also the gangster ways. 


Hakar Bowy has no award at the moment but believes that before the year gets to its peak he will surely break records.

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