Adetide is a singer and songwriter who has been in the music scene for a while and has dropped various singles, also has collaborated and teamed up with various artists in the music industry. He makes his debut EP titled All about the rhythm, This EP is not the usual EP from a rising star, in this, he brings up a whole different style and vibe entirely. His sound is mixed with a bit of afro-fusion, afro-pop, and reggae-dancehall. Sounds like a classical new afro sound and his voice is unique. Adetide is a rising star and someone we should all watch out for in 2021 as his style is very different and his voice unique. In his debut EP all about the rhythm he makes his music according to the way he feels and projects to the world, in this EP there is a song for everyone, both grown or old and it’s not the regular everyday music or sound. He teams up with producer Phazehop on this and this is one that deserves a listen. 
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