My mother is the only person that genuinely loves me – Flexy P


My mother is the only person that genuinely loves me – Flexy P

Over the weekend we had a quick chat with the ace rising artist Flexy P. He was fun to be with, we will like to take you all on a ride with us... Let's go





Introduce yourself to the audience

My name is Ijeh Kingsley popularly known as Flexy P da Freestyle Psych, King of Music, Lyrical God, Vibes Machine and a lot more because of my versatility in my craft and the intensity of hard work overtime and spitting conscious and real life reality bars that everyone can relate with. I'm a model and a Psychologist but most of all, I'm an Entertainer


What do you call your genre?

Well... I do basically every genre of music that's why they call me the King of Music but professionally I'd say Hip-hop, Afro beats or Afro pop


Why is your sound different from others?

Because I stand out and my sound is a mixture of afro beat, Hip-hop, Pop, Dancehall and RnB. So obviously my sound is rare and topnotch



How where you able to cope has an artist in 2020

2020 was one hell of a tough year for me but it also helped me find myself and become a better version of myself, last year my mom got really sick and lost almost all I had trying to save her but unfortunately she passed on in January 4 2021, so coping as an artiste in 2020 I will say Though but Thankful to God still

What should we expect from you in 2021?

A whole lot to be expected from me this 2021 ranging from my two new singles that would be dropping soon titled

1) God Why

2) E Don Do O

After which my EP titled (I Am Flexy P) which will consist of 6 amazing tracks would be dropping in some months time, coupled with a few videos from the EP and on the Album project will grace your TV screens soon



The death of your mother is all over your songs, it shows you really love her

Yea i love my mom and everyone that knows me knows that as a fact.. If i had the world at my disposal trust me I'll give it all out just to save my mom. Literally the only person that genuinely loves me for who I am right from the start. So yea i love her with my life and may her soul rest in peace Amen


You always talking about the government in your songs, should we say you the new school fela

Well calling me the new Fela is an honor but I don't think I'm qualified yet to be compared with such an iconic legend, my name will be heard too and I will be the New Flexy P that would do greater and bigger things too and impact positively into the Nigerian culture and society. The government hasn't been fair with us and only cowards would see this and keep quiet.. That is why I won't stop talking till we get justice and restructure a better Nigeria or proxy divide the country in peace lol. Love is all I preach regardless


What will you advise upcoming artists to do?

My advice to upcoming artistes is simple, put God first, build a relationship with God, work extremely hard, music is spiritual and a lifestyle, most people do music because most of their friends are into it, most people do music for the fame and luxurious lifestyle, some for the money, but regardless, don't stop working, it won't be an easy path but never ever give up, gather all the experiences you can and share your story with the world through your music


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