Prophet Terdoo Emmanuel - Contending With The Three Seasons 1


Prophet Terdoo Emmanuel_ contending with the three seasons part 1

There are three watches that form a complete cycle of a day, Night, Day and Midday watches.
Both divine and demonic entities operate in these watches, Different activities are programmed to operate by both realms in each watch of the day.
In the Divine time zone night watches are slated for the preservation of men while in the demonic lexicon night watches are slated for terror.
The day reveals a time zone called the morning, Both divine and demonic entities operate in the morning watch, in both realms the morning watch was designed for the birthing of new dimensions that were concealed in the womb of spirits.
To unbalance the equation of Isaiah's Logic and rhetorical question of the possibility of a Nation been born in a day Jacob a man became Israel a Nation not just on the account of the priesthood of travail but travailing in the morning watch a time zone measured for birthing of new dimensions in the world of mortals. 

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