How to trade crypto on an exchange



How to trade crypto on an exchange Today, the word ‘Bitcoin’ is one of the words most frequently searched words on Google. This shows that today, more than ever, more people are interested in crypto currency.

How then is crypto currency traded? This article shows exactly how this is done. To trade any commodity, you need a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet.

Similarly, to trade crypto currency, the first thing you need is an exchange. Lotucrypto, Binance, Trust Wallet are highly recommended as it is easily one of the best crypto currency exchanges around. The first step involved in trading on an exchange is downloading the exchange app, the second is registering an account, the third is funding the Fiat wallet, and then you can begin to trade crypto currency.

The Lotucrypto app can be downloaded from Play Store on Android ( and also, the App store for iOS devices (

Lotucrypto has both Naira wallets and crypto wallets. To purchase cryptocurrency on the exchange, the first step is to fund the Naira wallet. After funding the naira wallet, you can buy cryptocurrency with no problems at all.

Lotucrypto also has a peer- to – peer platform which gives users the freedom to trade cryptocurrency with other users. Through the peer -to- peer platform, sellers of cryptocurrency, are matched with interested buyers of cryptocurrency by the exchange. Buyers can purchase from any seller of their choice. Trust, is not a problem, as the exchange provides free escrow services to both parties.

The buyers pay the seller, and the exchange releases the crypto currency to the buyer to conclude the transaction after the seller has confirmed payment. If there is any dispute, the exchange serves as mediator to ensure both parties are satisfied.


Trading on an exchange like Lotucrypto has many benefits, users can quickly sell their cryptocurrency for profit, without having to look for a buyer. Users can stake their crypto currency for more crypto currencies through the exchange.

A unique benefit that comes from Lotucrypto is the fact that you can easily pay bill through the app, you can sell your crypto currency, pay a bill, and continue your life without any hassles. This is unique!

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