I studied Marine Engineering — Dr. Pampam Opens Up On Journey To Becoming Foremsot Digital Marketer


I studied Marine Engineering — Dr. Pampam Opens Up On Journey To Becoming Foremsot Digital Marketer
Adegoke Pamilerin is a social media influencer with over 550,000 combined followers on his social media pages with over 8 years of experience in brand management, PR, social media campaigns, and digital strategies. He has worked with big names companies like Google, Universal Music, MultiChoice, Coca-Cola, Acess Bank, among others.
In this interview with OyoMind, Dr Pam Pam as he is fondly called, draws insights into his personal, social and relationship life.
Good morning, can we meet you, sir?
I am Pamilerin Adegoke, a Marine Engineer, Digital Marketer, Brand Influencer, Content Creator…I’m just many things in one.
Was Content Creation what you study in school?
I studied Marine Engineer in School but after school I discovered new passion and interest and I decided to try it out.
Was that during your school days
I found that out after I left school. I was not even looking for job but I just wanted to try something new and that was how I found my former boss. I found what he was doing interesting and I interned under him for about six or seven months. It was where I learnt about digital marketing and content creation.
Can you briefly tell us about your academic background?
I attended a school called Mavero in Lagos for my primary school education after which I proceeded to King’s College, also in Lagos. Then I went to Maritime Academy for my tertiary education.
That means you didn’t grow up at all in Ibadan?
No, I didn’t.
Knowing that your parents are from Ibadan, do you feel inclined to come back to Ibadan?
I come to Ibadan very often. For me, it’s like going to the back of my house.
Do you think of settling down in Ibadan?
Ibadan is a peaceful state. It is somewhere everyone wants to live. Unlike Lagos stress, Ibadan is calm. Ibadan is home away from home.
How did you come about that name, Omo Iya Ologi?
It’s just the normal way we have mothers with some of them owning supermarkets and big shops. But my mum sells Ogi and anytime we are on holiday, we always help her with her wares and that is where the name “Omo Iya Ologi” comes from.
Since when have you been in this business of influencing?
Since 2014
So, within 2014 and now, what can you consider your major achievement?
The fact that I am happy doing what I’m doing.
How do you balance your relationship with work?
It’s normal. It is just like someone who has a job from 9-5. It is just a normal regular thing.
Considering the fact that Ibadan is home to you, do you have it in mind to start any project in Ibadan?
No, I don’t think so.
But why?
You can’t compare the market in Lagos to that of Ibadan. Lagos is where you work, Ibadan is where you rest.
But isn’t it true that where you rest deserves some attention too?
Of course, Ibadan has a working governor. One of the best governors in Nigeria if not the best.
You seem to be a chief with the bead on your wrist.
I’m one of the sons of the Ooni of Ife.
How do you balance your social media life with your personal life?
To me, it is just one life. I just do my thing every day. I don’t allow the fame or popularity to get into my head because when that happens you start misbehaving. So, I never allow that happen. I just live my life like a normal, proper average Nigerian.
Can you tell us the challenges you’ve faced so far?
I basically rolled on controversy for a long time. If I want to scatter the media now, I know what to do and in five minutes everybody would start bashing one another.
Can you tell us about the issue between you and Peruzzi?
Sometimes, in January after sound city award, Teni won over Peruzzi and it was in his feelings. It is normal for someone loses the award to feel that way. So, I said, Peruzzi is ranting so much can you just shut up? That tweet went viral. So, we met six months after an we were trying to settle issues being that I don’t know how to keep a straight face for a long time, so I smiled and out of anger, he mistakenly hit me. It was never intentional. The moment he realized what he did, he apologized.
Were you compensated?
No, I won’t collect any money from him. How much does he want to offer me?
In the next ten to twenty years, how do you see yourself?
I would be back in Marine Engineering; I would be a captain by then.
So, you will leave social media and content creation?
Won’t we live if for our children? I would be back on sea
Do you have a company?
Yes, I have a company called KamiliCapital
Is that the only company you have?
No, I have a food company, I have a lounge, I have a restaurant.
What’s the name of your restaurant?
La Cibo
What is that thing that you can tell us that can get people surprised?
That I’m very shy and I hate crowd and I don’t like talking.
How many awards have you received?
Over 120, I can’t even remember them all. But I can recollect I was recently awarded as one of the 100 youths in Nigeria by the Ooni of Ife.
How do you manage Nigerian Ladies?
They are my friends, an since I don’t hide my relationship, we have been having a smooth ride.
With whom are you in a relationship with?
Her name is Motunrayo and she is from Akure.
Should we be expecting a wedding invitation anytime soon?
That should be a year from now.

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