MUSIC: CELE B - So much

Nigerian fast rising singer CELE B is here again with his unique melody for his as he captions it "SO MUCH"
(The song title ( so much) I sang for my black Queen , she's my black Angel,   my first love,my first kiss and my first sex ,I love her so much ,and she love me also, I even thing one day I will become a king , she will be my queen, let me say the love without control, I love her so much ,she loves me so much , pls babe tell the world cele B love you so much.)

Download, share and  enjoy 👇

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  1. Judging from what i have seen,i can confidently say the sky isn't your limit.I see in you a bright future,brighter than your imaginations.Stay focus and watch out for the heavenly reward for your talent.Your are not only a star but also a cash cow.I am happy to associate with your success.


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