MUSIC: Dosh Perfect - Holy Ground (Davido Cover) | @DoshPerfect


Florence Dooshima Bundepuun popularly known as Dosh Perfect. Dosh is short for Dooshima while Perfect is the English translation of my father's name literally meaning 'beyond criticism' and since it's only that which is perfect that could be said to be beyond criticism, thus, the name Perfect.
She has this to say about the song
"Long story cut short, I wanted to challenge myself to what i couldn't do, rap. It took me a little over a week to be able to do the entire song verbatim and in the exact same melody and when I was satisfied with my progress, I started altering some notes here and there and trying out different vocal ranges to give it my flavour. And the outro is a 'near-failed-attempt at hitting at least a whistle note' (coz I have been trying to learn that for a while now, lol). Well, even if I didn't hit any, I know I got close and with time I'd be there"
Now, something really interesting happened... while I was struggling with this song, my sister forwarded a link to me of a competition organised by Davido in honour of his song 'La  La' and participants could do any of his songs so I saw this as a good opportunity to put the song out there so others could also listen to it, so I registered.
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